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Doug Conely Saved by Columbus SWAT Sniper’s Heroic Shot In Ohio

Doug Conely

Doug Conely

Near tragedy took an almost miraculous twist in Columbus, Ohio, on August 16, 1993, when 37-year-old Doug Conely placed a white plastic lawn chair at a residential intersection with a .38-caliber revolver to his head.

Only the quick reaction of law enforcement and the remarkable accuracy of world-famous Columbus SWAT sniper Mike Plumb saved Conely.

The desperate Conely, as it was reported on Reddit, certainly went undetected. The authorities first arrived at the event to witness the SWAT sniper with Mike Plumb, an awarded veteran from the Vietnam War, praised for excellent shooting skills. Positioned approximately 82 yards away and armed with a Steyr SSG PII rifle, Plumb took aim with unwavering focus.

Things had deteriorated, and time became very important. Plumb was ordered into action. In one of those moments that history keeps records of, he pulled the trigger, firing one shot that cut through the cylinder of Conely’s .38 Special, essentially disarming him, and this mission was accomplished without loss of life.

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But right on the heels of that amazing shot, the law moved in and arrested Conely, who now had something beyond his above-street-average skills to admire. “That was a great shot,” said Conely as he was getting cuffed by the popo. 

The incident, taken on camera, only confirms the skill but also professionalism of the law enforcer, in particular, of the sniper Mike Plumb, who managed to save another one by the exact actions that day. It shows them training, expertise, and the value of quick thinking in situations of crisis. It is a timely reminder that life has its value.

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