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Ohio Newspaper’s 1970s Prediction Of 2024 Solar Eclipse Goes Viral On Internet

Ohio newspaper from 1970 forecasting this year’s April 8 solar eclipse.

A clip from an Ohio newspaper from the 1970s went viral on various social media platforms, showing that the world needs to prepare for a solar eclipse today. Viral Image Gives Reasonable Prediction for the Year 2024 The Solar Eclipse Date is April 8.

The Viral Image Shows that the Ohio Sunday Journal newspaper shows the accurate prediction of the year 2024 solar eclipse. the headline of the newspaper is –“MIlions See Eclipse; Next Showing in 2024”–  which shows the solar eclipse details of 1970 and predicts that the next eclipse will happen 54 years later on  8 April 2024.

The time of solar eclipse on the path of totality is expected to be 4 minutes 28 seconds long. Totality refers to the time when the Moon completely blocks the Sun’s light at the time of the eclipse.

The post first went viral in March – garnering nearly 2.6 million views on platforms like X. The newspaper clip before the eclipse has again gone viral on the internet and is expected to get about 8 million views on X.

You can check the viral post comments and see people’s reactions to this viral clip.

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