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What Led to Brighton Butler’s Divorce? The Truth Unveiled

brighton butler divorce

The news of Brighton Butler’s divorce from Duncan Butler has left fans and followers searching for answers. As much as divorce is a personal matter, the curiosity surrounding celebrity splits often leads to speculation and interest in the underlying reasons.

This article delves into the details of their marriage, the reasons behind their divorce, and what lies ahead for both Brighton and Duncan.

Profile Summary:

The Love Story

Brighton Butler, a well-known fashion blogger, married Duncan Butler III on January 25, 2020, in a beautiful ceremony in Austin, Texas. Their marriage was blessed with two children, and they seemed to have a perfect family life. However, behind the scenes, the couple faced several challenges that eventually led to their separation.

Why Did They Divorce?

brighton butler divorce

Brighton Butler filed for divorce on May 2, 2023. While the specific reasons have not been publicly disclosed, sources close to the couple suggest that differences in parenting styles and personal ambitions played significant roles in their decision to part ways​​. Despite the divorce, both Brighton and Duncan have committed to co-parenting their children amicably.

Recent News:

Key Facts:

  1. Marriage and Divorce:
    • Brighton married Duncan Butler III on January 25, 2020.
    • They divorced on May 2, 2023, after three years of marriage​​.
  2. Career:
    • Brighton is a successful fashion blogger with over 370k followers on Instagram. She collaborates with major brands like Sephora, American Express, and Google​​.
  3. Children:
    • The couple has two children, a son named Four and a daughter named Blake​​.

Brighton shared an Insta post with her kids on November 24, 2023 with the caption “Happpy Thanksgiving part 2 🦃 from me & my turkeys 🤎Do yall do lunch or dinner?!”


Brighton Butler’s divorce from Duncan Butler has been a topic of much discussion. While the reasons remain private, their commitment to co-parenting and individual success in their respective fields continue to be noteworthy. Fans hope both find happiness in their personal and professional lives.


1. Who is Brighton Butler?

Brighton Keller Butler is an American fashion blogger and social media influencer known for her website, BrightonTheDay​​.

2. Why did Brighton Butler and Duncan Butler divorce?

The exact reasons for their divorce are not public. However, differences in parenting styles and personal ambitions are believed to have contributed to their separation​​.

3. How many children do Brighton and Duncan Butler have?

They have two children, Four and Blake​​.

4. Is Brighton Butler dating anyone now?

As of the latest information, Brighton Butler is not dating anyone following her divorce​​.

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