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Ethic Policy

Given the gap between what the media reported and what the general public understood, Silent News was launched with the goal of filling the void left by the mainstream media. Additionally, We want to slow down the pace of “breaking news,” which frequently causes erroneous or incorrect information to spread throughout society. We adhere to specific ethical principles in order to fulfil Our vision and objective and to be the most trustworthy source for news and information on the most important subjects.

Ethical Guidelines We have embraced the following principles in order to achieve our stated goals and our mission to be the most dependable source of news and information on the most important topics.

Be an impartial forum that encourages discussion and enables people with various political viewpoints to come together, talk about, and resolve the most important issues. Display the most precise pertinent facts at the moment. We are covering a specific topic. Where necessary or appropriate, give credit to the source. Any sort of plagiarism is improper and forbidden. Think about topics from a balanced, objective, and logical perspective.

Keep a clear line of demarcation between editorial judgement and business interests. Business interests must never override editorial judgement. Inform people accurately rather than breaking news. If there is not enough information, we shall hold off on releasing it and refrain from speculating.

Give the article a variety of perspectives to make it fair and balanced. In the event of a mistake, publicly apologise and fix the problem. If an article is a commercial or advertorial rather than an editorial, please make that clear right away. Despite pressure from those in positions of authority, stay strong and determined. In the event of a legal issue or harassment, support the editorial.

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