Justin Bieber And Hailey Bieber’s Divorce: What Happened?

A new TikTok video says that rumors are going around that Justin Bieber is going to announce that he and Hailey are splitting up.

This TikTok video by @entertianment.cha66 says that the “gossip mill” is “on fire” with rumors that the couple is getting a divorce.

Justin Bieber and Hailey Bieber Split

As seen in the TikTok video, Justin is said to have “dropped a bombshell” by asking for divorce from Hailey, his wife. On social media for months, rumors have been going around that the couple was going to break up. Many people didn’t believe the rumors at first, but Justin is said to have recently weighed in on the drama. This has not been proven.

justin bieber divorce
Justin Bieber Divorce

Justin Bieber and Hailey Bieber Divorce

A crazy theory that became popular on TikTok said that Justin was in a “mad rush” to get married to Hailey years ago because he was going to be deported from the US. This made a lot of people think that the couple would get a divorce this year. He was said to have had a hot-and-cold romance with Selena Gomez, which made the rumors even stronger. He supposedly asked her to marry him before Hailey, but she “cold-shouldered” him. This hasn’t been checked out.

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What do you think about the rumors that Justin and Hailey are getting a divorce? There is no solid proof to back up the claims because the couple has not made an official announcement. Stay tuned to our website silentnews.org for more updates.

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