A Timeline of Steven and Hilary Crowder’s Journey to Divorce

Renowned conservative commentator Steven Crowder made headlines in April 2023 with the announcement of his divorce from his estranged wife, Hilary Crowder (née Korzon). In this article, we delve into the key details and frequently asked questions surrounding this high-profile separation.

Quick Facts: Steven Crowder Divorce

  • Announcement: Steven Crowder, a conservative commentator, announced his divorce from Hilary Crowder in April 2023.
  • Who is Hilary? Hilary Crowder, formerly Korzon, is an interior decorator with a political science degree from Calvin College (2010).
  • Marriage Details: Steven and Hilary, devout Christians, married in August 2012 after getting engaged in March 2012.
  • Divorce Revelation: Shared on the April 25, 2023, “Louder with Crowder” podcast; Hilary filed for divorce in 2021.
  • Children: The couple has twins, Magnus and Charlotte, born in August 2021.
  • Legal Representation: Steven’s choice, Michelle May O’Neil, supports LGBTQ+ rights, creating a contrast with Steven’s views.
  • O’Neil’s Background: Practicing family law in Texas since 1992, she secured LGBTQ+ parental rights in a landmark 2009 case.
  • Peculiarity: Steven’s anti-LGBTQ+ stance contrasts with O’Neil’s advocacy, adding complexity to the case.

Who is Hilary Crowder?

Hilary Crowder, formerly Hilary Korzon, is an accomplished interior decorator who, before her career, studied political science at Calvin College in Michigan, graduating in 2010. Both Hilary and Steven were open about their devout Christian beliefs and even pledged to remain celibate until their marriage. The couple got engaged in March 2012, exchanging vows five months later in a ceremony that Steven described as “perfect” and their wedding night as “nothing short of amazing,” as shared with Fox News.

Steven Crowder Divorce

Steven Crowder Divorce
Steven Crowder Divorce

The revelation of Steven and Hilary’s split came during the April 25, 2023, episode of Steven’s “Louder with Crowder” podcast. While the exact separation date remains undisclosed, Steven disclosed that Hilary filed for divorce in 2021. Steven candidly shared his experience, stating that the divorce was not of his choosing and describing the process as “a horrendous divorce.”

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Children and Privacy

The couple shares two children, twins Magnus and Charlotte, born in August 2021. Steven emphasized the innocence of his children, asserting that they are “completely without fault.” Concerned about the emotional well-being of his kids, Steven appealed to his fans to respect their privacy, emphasizing the need to handle the divorce proceedings privately for the sake of the children. in further, piece of news you can check more info about Steven.

Steven Crowder Kids
Steven Crowder Kids

Legal Representation

Michelle May O’Neil One of the intriguing aspects of Steven’s divorce is his choice of attorney, Michelle May O’Neil. As the senior shareholder of the O’Neil Wysocki Family Law firm, O’Neil has a long history of supporting LGBTQ+ rights in Texas courts. This choice raises questions, considering Steven’s public stance against LGBTQ+ rights, including his controversial remarks and alignment with anti-LGBTQ+ figures.

O’Neil’s Background

O’Neil has been practicing family, appellate, and civil law in Texas since 1992, earning a specialization in family law in 1997. Her dedication to assisting LGBTQ+ couples with child custody cases in a state known for its challenges in this regard has been noteworthy. Her impactful 2009 case secured legal standing for unmarried, gay or lesbian, and nonbiological mothers to sue for child custody in Texas.


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The Peculiarity of the Choice

The apparent contradiction between Steven’s views on LGBTQ+ rights and O’Neil’s advocacy for these rights adds complexity to the divorce case. Steven, who has been vocal against same-s*x marriage and no-fault divorce, now finds himself represented by an attorney known for championing LGBTQ+ family rights.


As Steven Crowder navigates the tumultuous waters of his divorce from Hilary Crowder, the intricacies surrounding legal representation and personal beliefs add layers of complexity to an already high-profile situation. The public awaits further developments, hoping for a resolution that respects the privacy of the family involved.

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