Pablo Escobar Siblings: A Comprehensive Ranking from Oldest to Youngest

Discover the lesser-known side of the infamous drug lord, Pablo Escobar, through the lens of his family. This article ranks Pablo Escobar’s six siblings from oldest to youngest, shedding light on their lives beyond the shadows of his criminal empire.

Pablo Escobar Siblings

There are 6 six siblings of Pablo Escobar which are given below-

Luis Fernando Escobar (1958 – 1977): A Tragic Loss at 19

Explore the life of Luis Fernando, the youngest Escobar sibling, who tragically lost his life at 19. Despite his brother’s criminal activities, Luis focused on education but met an untimely end due to a drunken undercover policeman.

Luz María Escobar (1955 – present): The Private Sibling

Uncover the mysterious life of Luz María, Pablo’s younger sister. Despite her privacy, delves into her family and learns about her marriage to Leonardo, along with raising three children.

Alba Marina Escobar (August 28, 1953 – present): Witness and Author

Meet Alba Marina, one of the youngest siblings, who considers herself a witness and victim of Pablo’s actions. Explore her role as an author and her book ‘El Otro Pablo,’ challenging the narratives surrounding her infamous brother.

Gloria Inés Escobar

Pablo Escobar (December 1, 1949 – December 2, 1993): The Notorious Criminal

Unearth the notorious life of Pablo Escobar, the criminal mastermind behind the Medellín Cartel. Delve into his early criminal activities, the rise of the cartel, and his eventual downfall and death at the hands of the Colombian National Police.

Pablo Escobar

Roberto Escobar (January 13, 1947 – present): The Oldest Sibling

Explore the life of Roberto, Pablo’s oldest sibling and co-founder of the Medellín Cartel. From his criminal past to post-prison ventures, including product launches and cycling achievements, discover the multifaceted journey of “El Osito.”

Roberto Escobar

Gloria Inés Escobar: The Elusive Sibling

Unravels the mystery surrounding Gloria Inés, one of Pablo’s sisters, as little information is available about her. Despite being less known, acknowledge her connection to the notorious Escobar family.

Gloria Inés Escobar

Argemiro Escobar: The Enigmatic Brother

Navigate the enigma of Argemiro, another of Pablo’s brothers, for whom information is scarce. Despite the lack of details, acknowledge his place within the Escobar family.


In conclusion, this article offers a nuanced perspective on Pablo Escobar’s siblings, highlighting their diverse paths beyond the shadows of his criminal empire. From tragic losses to private lives and post-prison ventures, each sibling contributes to the complex tapestry of the Escobar family.

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