Danny Koker Arrested: From Counting Cars to Counting Days Behind Bars

Renowned car enthusiast and reality TV star, Danny Koker, famed for his ownership of Count’s Kustoms and hosting the History Channel’s show “Counting Cars,” faced an unexpected legal turn. The journey from counting cars in a warehouse to counting days behind bars unfolded in an intriguing episode of his life.

The Counting Process

In a gripping episode of “Counting Cars,” Koker and his team embarked on the challenge of tallying up cars in a vast warehouse. Utilizing diverse methods, including counting machines and manual counting, they navigated through a collection ranging from classic muscle cars to modern sports cars.

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The Results

After an exhaustive day of counting, Koker and his team successfully enumerated a remarkable total of 1,500 cars within the warehouse. This feat not only showcased their dedication but also became a source of excitement, shared on social media and featured in news articles, contributing to the promotion of the “Counting Cars” show.

Danny Koker Arrested

The Sentencing

Unexpectedly, a few years post the counting triumph, Danny Koker faced legal repercussions. He received a 30-day jail sentence for possession of a controlled substance. This shocking turn of events surprised many, considering Koker’s public image as a vibrant personality with a passion for cars. However, it revealed a lesser-known struggle with drug addiction in his past.

Koker served his time in jail and emerged from the experience committed to sobriety. Despite this setback, he continued to thrive in his car business and reality TV career, demonstrating resilience and determination.


Danny Koker’s narrative is one of complexity and resilience. From his undeniable passion for cars showcased in “Counting Cars” to the unexpected legal twist, Koker’s journey unfolds as a testament to his unwavering determination. The counting episode highlights his commitment and hard work, while his legal challenges shed light on the struggles that even seemingly successful individuals may face.

Despite the hurdles, Danny Koker stands as a successful individual who transformed his dream of owning a thriving car business into reality. His story serves as an inspiration, reminding us that triumph over challenges is possible with determination and a focused mindset.

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