Who is Matt McCusker Wife? Everything You Need To Know!

Matt McCusker is a writer and comedian, and he is also the happy host of the Matt and Shane’s Secret Podcast. As a child, he was involved in nonviolent crime, but it looks like he has completely changed and is now committed to peace and unity.

He has written two books, but “Overlook: A Story about Drugs, Disappointment, and the American Dream” is the one that he is most famous for. We also learned from his site that he is a devoted husband and father. He also seems to put God above everything else.

Are you interested in Matt McCusker’s wife? So, go ahead and read the story below. It has everything you need to know about Matt McCusker’s wife.

Who is Matt McCusker’s wife?

matt mccusker wife

Reports say that Matt McCusker’s relationship status changed quickly to “married” after he started dating his wife Brittany McCusker in 2018.

So, it’s clear from their social media accounts that they met in 2018 and started dating soon after. They got married by the end of 2018 or the beginning of 2019. And they haven’t been able to be apart since. They are loving every minute of being married to each other.

Matt McCusker Ex-Wife

Matt McCusker Ex-Wife

Matt McCusker was divorced once, but he never talked about it. He talked about his breakup and how hard it was for him to move on in a podcast. On the show, he talked about what it was like to get divorced. We don’t know anything else about his ex-wife because he doesn’t want to talk about it in conversations.

Brittany McCusker: Bio

Brittany McCusker is an American. She works as a police officer in Philadelphia and is best known for being married to Matt McCusker. The degree she got in forensic studies is now complete.


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Brittany is very different from her husband, so not many people know much about her. Even though Brittany McCusker wants to keep her private life private, she used her social media account to make her relationship with her husband public.

Brittany McCusker: Work

At the moment, Brittany McCusker is working as a police officer in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. In September 2017, she became a police officer. And she works in the forensic science area because she knows a lot about that field.
In the past, Brittany worked as a cheerleader for an NBA team before she became a police officer.

Brittany McCusker: Family

Brittany McCusker is an American who works in Pennsylvania and got married to Matt McCusker in 2018 or 2019. Not much is known about her family.


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How long have Matt and Brittany McCusker been dating?

Matt McCusker and Brittany McCusker have been together since 2018. They are getting married at the end of 2018 or the beginning of 2019.

Matt McCusker and Brittany McCusker Children 

These are the two kids that Matt and Brittany McCusker have together. When their first daughter was born in 2020, they were thrilled. Their second daughter was born on June 1, 2022. And Matt’s Instagram account told everyone about the birth of their second girl.


Who is Matt McCusker’s wife?

Matt McCusker is married to Brittany McCusker, a Philadelphia-based police officer.

Where does Matt McCusker work?

Matt McCusker works as a co-host at Matt and Shane’s Secret Podcast and is also a writer and comedian.

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