Lysa Terkeurst Divorce: Are Art TerKeurst and Lysa Still Together?

In the intricate tapestry of love, forgiveness, and resilience, Art and Lysa TerKeurst’s journey unfolds—a saga marked by the depths of marital challenges and the redemptive power of commitment. From their initial meeting at a Bible study to the tumultuous trials that threatened to unravel their union, this story navigates the complexities of relationships, heartbreaks, and the undying strength that binds a family.

In the face of adversity, the TerKeursts teach us about love’s enduring grace and the indomitable spirit that arises from familial bonds.

How did Art TerKeurst and Lysa meet?

Art and Lysa met at a Bible study and quickly became romantically involved. In 1993, they said their vows to each other. However, things did not work out between them, and Lysa filed for divorce in 2017 to end the marriage.

She said Art was cheating on her and that he had problems with drugs.

Lysa said the same year that she had been identified with breast cancer and had to have a double mastectomy. Later, the couple fixed their marriage by saying their vows again in a small wedding in Waxhaw, North Carolina, USA, in 2018.

Lysa and Art TerKeurst Divorce

Art Terkeurst and Lysa were married for only three years after they renewed their vows. To let everyone know, Lysa filed for divorce on her Facebook page in January 2022. She did this in December 2021. She told him that his husband’s actions were disrespectful to God and the biblical marriage bond.

lysa terkeurst divorce
lysa terkeurst divorce

What made Lysa Terkeurst’s marriage end? The American public speaker told Ministry Watch that Art was having a romance with a woman he met on a dating site. She also said that her husband had spent at least $118,000. During their engagement, he bought her a left-hand engagement ring and paid for her to move from Atlanta, GA, to Charlotte, NC, USA.

Lysa’s ex-husband responded to the divorce case in February 2022, asking for support, alimony, an equal share of the property, and the end of a post-nuptial agreement. Art said that he signed the post-nuptial agreement while he wasn’t awake and that it was no longer valid after they got married again in 2018.

The American author replied that Art’s claims that he was depressed were not true and that the post-nuptial agreement was still in effect even after the couple got back together. According to the post-nuptial deal, she said they kept their separate bank accounts.

Who are Art TerKeurst’s children?


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If your kids were born to you or were in need and found safety in your arms… When a mum loves her kids, there’s no love like it. When a mum hurts for her kids, it hurts like nothing else. That’s where the most fierce woman can be found. She is good until you hurt her kids, which God made her to be. He then turned her into a fighter.

The three girls that Art and his wife have been named Hope, Ashley, and Brooke. Also, they have two boys named Jackson and Mark. Jackson and Mark were adopted when they were teenagers from an orphanage in Liberia, West Africa. Mark is a singer who goes by the name T. Markus.

Hope is Art’s oldest daughter. She is a fashion writer who mostly posts about homes and home improvements on her social media accounts. She married Michael Houser on February 13, 2016.


In the ups and downs of the saga of Art and Lisa TerKeurst, love weathered storms and succumbed to life’s challenges. From the pinnacle of renewed vows to the valleys of heartbreak and divorce, their journey shows the resilience of family bonds. As their story unfolds, we see the complexity of love, the weakness of commitment, and the enduring strength of family in the face of adversity.

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