Unveiling the Enigma: Who is Michael Burry Wife?

In the world of finance, Michael Burry is a name synonymous with astute investment strategies and bold financial predictions. However, beyond his prowess in the stock market, there lies a curiosity surrounding his personal life, particularly his romantic relationships. Join us as we delve into the intriguing question: Who is Michael Burry’s wife?

Who Is Michael Burry?

The Financial Prodigy Before we explore the details of his personal life, let’s take a brief look at Michael Burry’s remarkable journey in the realm of finance. From his early days at Scion Capital to his legendary prediction of the housing market crash in 2008, Burry has cemented his status as a financial prodigy.

Who is Michael Burry Wife?

Michael Burry Wife
Michael Burry Wife

A Match Made in the Digital World Despite his fame and fortune, Michael Burry’s approach to love was refreshingly ordinary. He met his wife, Cassandra Burry, through the online dating platform Match.com. Together, they have embarked on a journey of love and companionship, sharing the joys and challenges of married life.

The Past and Present of Michael Burry

Insights into Burry’s Personal Life While Michael Burry’s current marriage to Cassandra is well-documented, there is limited information available about his previous relationships. It is known that he was previously married to a woman of Korean descent, but further details remain undisclosed.


Q: Who is Michael Burry’s wife?

A: Michael Burry is married to Cassandra Burry, with whom he shares a son named Nicholas.

Q: What is Michael Burry’s net worth?

A: Michael Burry’s net worth is estimated to be between $200-300 million, a testament to his success in the financial world.

Q: How did Michael Burry meet his wife?

A: Michael Burry met his wife, Cassandra, through the online dating platform Match.com.


In conclusion, while Michael Burry’s professional achievements may overshadow his personal life in the public eye, his relationship with his wife, Cassandra, serves as a reminder of the ordinary moments that bring joy and fulfillment amidst the complexities of the financial world.

As he continues to navigate the ups and downs of the stock market, one thing remains constant: the love and support of his family.

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