Unraveling the Mystery: Crip Mac’s Real Name Revealed

In the kaleidoscope of the music industry, where rhythm and rhyme collide, one name echoes controversy and talent – Crip Mac. Beyond the beats and lyrics, a veil of mystery shrouds this rapper, known for his Battle Rap prowess and unabashed persona.

Join us as we unravel the layers and explore the man behind the moniker, delving into Crip Mac’s real name, his journey, and the intricate web of events that have shaped his tumultuous career.

Crip Mac Wiki, Wikipedia, Arrested, Battle Rap, Death

Crip Mac, a name resonating on Spotify playlists, has not only made waves with his Battle Rap skills but also with the news of his altercations and arrests. His recent leap into the spotlight occurred in February 2022, when a video of him battered and bloodied surfaced on Facebook.

crip mac real name
crip mac real name

The story unfolded, revealing that he had been jumped by members of his own gang, leaving fans questioning the reasons behind the abuse.

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Was he a success? Why did they abuse him?

Crip Mac’s leap to infamy in 2022 raised questions about success and betrayal within his own ranks. The rapper, in an interview with No Jumper, shed light on the incident, explaining that a fight with 55 Crips led to severe injuries. Despite the brutality, he claimed a reconciliation with his friends, fostering a newfound equilibrium.

Crip Mac Real Name, Net Worth

Beyond the stage name, Crip Mac’s real identity is Trevor Hurd. Hailing from Los Angeles, California, he has carved a niche in the rap scene, addressing gang life and brutality through his music. With a net worth estimated at around $1 million, Crip Mac’s impact extends beyond the mic, encompassing an apparel line named Ratfood Apparel Company.

crip mac real name
crip mac real name

Additional Details:

  • Born on February 28, 1993.
  • Member of the 55th Street Crips gang.
  • Involved in several feuds with other rappers.
  • Known for his controversial and outspoken personality.

Whereabouts in Jail, Crip Mac?

In a twist to the narrative, Crip Mac’s journey took a detour to incarceration. Arrested three weeks after the altercation, he faced charges related to weapons and drugs. As of February 2023, he remains behind bars, with a probable release date anticipated in April of the same year.


Crip Mac, with his real name echoing, embodies a paradox – a controversial figure in the rap world yet a successful artist with a dedicated fan base. His journey, marred by altercations and incarcerations, underscores the complexities of fame and personal battles. As the bars of his life’s rap continues to play, one can’t help but wonder about the untold verses yet to unfold in the enigma that is Crip Mac.

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