Love in the Fast Lane: Hailie Deegan Engaged and Racing Towards Happiness

As the roar of the engines fades and the checkered flag falls, Hailie Deegan, the rising star of NASCAR, finds herself at a crossroads between racing glory and personal happiness.

Amidst the thrill of the track and the excitement of engagement, questions linger about her future on the asphalt and the aisle. Can she balance the demands of her racing career with the joys of love and commitment?

Is Hailie Deegan Engaged?

hailie deegan engaged
Hailie Deegan Engaged

Hailie Deegan will be married at the end of the season, even though she still has one more NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series race to run. The question was asked by Deegan’s longtime boyfriend Chase Cabre, and she was happy to say “yes.”

Chase races in sprint cars and races in NASCAR, so these two are racing all over the place. Now, they’ll be rushing to get married, whenever that is. The 22-year-old NASCAR driver was thrilled to tell everyone.

On Instagram, Hailie Deegan and her new boyfriend told everyone the good news. You can see how she told her friends and family the good news on her Instagram Story, which you should also check out.


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Hailie Deegan has a lot of good news. She will likely have a busy year ahead because she has to race and get ready for a wedding. She is almost done with her work in the Truck Series and is getting ready to move up to the Xfinity Series in 2024.

For now, she has one more race left in the season and her time with ThorSport.

Hailie Deegan moves up to Xfinity Series in 2024

Many people hoped that Hailie Deegan would do better this season. It was hoped that her move to ThorSport Racing would help her get closer to those top-5 wins and maybe even a win. But that didn’t happen. She was more often in the top 20 and top 15 spots. But only two top-10 wins all season.

This season, Deegan came in sixth at Texas and eighth at Talladega. Even though she didn’t do very well in the cars, Xfinity wants her. Deegan is moving to AM Racing and will drive there full-time starting in 2024. It sounds silly, but she could do a lot better in this show.

People who drive don’t always get along with the Truck Series. It goes both ways. Some people can’t do well in Xfinity but will win a lot in the trucks. After competing in the ARCA West Series for a few years and putting in steady work, Deegan might be able to get back to her old self.

I’m sure Hailie Deegan will have a lot to think about in the next few months, both in terms of race and her personal life. It’s a happy time for Deegan and her fiancĂ©.


In the fast-paced world of NASCAR, Hailie Deegan’s journey is one of ambition, resilience, and romance. As she accelerates towards the Xfinity Series and matrimony, the road ahead is filled with both challenges and opportunities.

With each lap around the track and each step towards the altar, Deegan reminds us that success isn’t just measured in victories, but in the moments of love and connection that fuel our dreams.

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