Debunking the CoryxKenshin Death Hoax: What Really Happened?

Fans of CoryxKenshin are upset because online rumors say that the YouTuber has died. At first, pictures of Google saying that the content author had died were posted online. This made the phrase “CoryxKenshin dead” popular on Google, which made fans worried.

A lot of people are worried about social media. Since there have been no official reports of his death online, it is safe to assume that he is still living.

@eauqq on Twitter was one of many people who shared a picture of Google saying that CoryxKenshin had died. It said on the page that he passed away on July 16. Google did not show that he had died at the time this story was written.

coryxkenshin death
coryxkenshin death

A lot of people have tweeted and posted comments about the death reports to make more people aware of them. Others are also using social networking sites to say how shocked they are by the news. A few tweets about his supposed death say:

CoryxKenshin is a victim of an internet death hoax

Because of how well-known he was online, the internet personality’s team would have said something if he had died. Neither they nor his family members have said the same thing. Not a single news source has said that he died either. So, we can be sure he is still living.

It looks like Photoshop was used to make the image of Google saying that the Detroit native has died. But at the time this story was written, no one knew where the claim that he had died came from.


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A news source said that people on the internet think CoryxKenshin has died since he hasn’t posted anything on TikTok in a year. As of May, he hasn’t said anything on Twitter, which made his friends think he might have died.

It’s important to note, though, that the person who made the content has stayed active on other social media sites, like Instagram and YouTube. He added a video to his YouTube account four weeks ago called “Reacting to the Five Nights at Freddy’s Movie Trailer.” Since then, he has gained almost 17 million subscribers.

From what I can tell, CoryxKenshin is just taking a break from the internet. Since he hasn’t been online in a while, it’s not safe to assume that he died.

The vlogger seems to have been the target of an internet death hoax. He’s not the first person to get caught up in the dark social media trend. There were rumors that Shane Dawson, Justin Bieber, DJ Khaled, and other YouTubers and celebrities had died, but they were and are still living.

It is very important to check information that comes from reputable news sources or the people who are the subject of the stories.

Since no one has said for sure that CoryxKenshin has died, it is safe to assume that he is still living. Online, there was also no information about the reason for death, which made the announcement even stranger.

The YouTuber is best known for posting videos about video games online. LEBRON JAMES THE HORROR GAME is the name of his most-watched movie, with 42 million views. It came out in February 2019. Over five million people follow him on TikTok, and three million people follow him on Instagram.

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