Helldivers 2 Update Raises Questions About Lore and Storytelling

Arrowhead Game Studios, the company that made Helldivers 2, has added flying bugs as a new danger. They did this by changing how often the game’s super-armored Terminids spawn.

In the Tuesday patch notes, Arrowhead didn’t talk about the Terminids with wings, but players on social media and forums said they saw them in-game. The new Terminids are called Shriekers, and when they dive and attack, they are very scary.

In Tuesday’s patch notes, Arrowhead said that the changes to the Chargers and Bile Titans weren’t making the game easier. But the players weren’t ready for what we were about to face.

In line with the story of Helldivers 2, Arrowhead is saying that the bugs don’t exist: “Bugs can’t fly is something everyone knows.”CEO Johan Pilestedt wrote on X, which used to be Twitter. “And I’m not the only one who thinks this. The Ministry of Truth says that this is false information spread by people who like bugs and want to brainwash good people. #Lies”

Based on who you ask, this news (or propaganda) is part of how the story of Helldivers 2 is changing. The story is told all over the game, even though it doesn’t have a main story: Helldivers 2 starts with an intro and a lesson that are full of propaganda and overt patriotism.

It is not Nazi to run the government! Freedom is being pushed for!”We know exactly what kind of war this is, and how each Helldiver is doomed to get dissolved by bile or exploded by a robot,” Polygon’s Cass Marshal wrote. “And they don’t know that. Once the shock wears off, the whole thing turns into a wonderful dark comedy.”

Bugs that fly and the refusal of it all are just part of the story of Helldivers 2. It may remind you of something similar that happened when mechs were added last week.

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