Attention Shoppers: Walmart Starts Selling MacBook Air with M1 chip

Walmart revealed today that it has begun selling the MacBook Air with the M1 chip in the United States. The price is set at a very reasonable $699. You can order the laptop right now on, and some Walmart shops will soon have it in stock.

Walmart starts selling MacBook Air with M1 chip
Walmart starts selling MacBook Air with M1 chip

The company said in a press release that this is the first time that customers can buy a Mac that is sold straight by Walmart. This model has been sold at other stores, like Amazon and Best Buy, for as little as $749.99 in the past.

In November 2020, Apple launched the MacBook Air with the M1 chip. It was one of the first Macs to have an Apple silicon chip instead of an Intel processor. For $699, you can get the version with the M1 chip, 256GB of storage, and 8GB of RAM/unified memory. It comes in Gold, Silver, and Space Grey. The MacBook Air listed by Walmart is said to be brand new, so this is not a used or refurbished model.

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The M1 chip-based MacBook Air was taken off the market by Apple earlier this month after the company released new MacBook Air models with the M3 chip. Before it was taken off the market, the model cost $999 when it was first released. With prices starting at $759, Apple still sells used MacBook Air models with the M1 chip.

Model Starting Price Condition Retailer
M3 MacBook Air (15″) $1,299 New Apple
M3 MacBook Air (13″) $1,099 New Apple
M2 MacBook Air (13″) $999 New Apple
M1 MacBook Air (13″) $759 Refurbished Apple
M1 MacBook Air (13″) $699 New Walmart

The M1 chip MacBook Air is about three and a half years old, but it is still a very good machine for many everyday jobs. You should think about these things when deciding whether to buy it: it has an older design and fewer years of macOS support left than the newest MacBook Air models.

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