Overwatch 2 Thriller: Insomnia’s Mistake Allows Namekuji Brothers’ Backcap Triumph

There is no worse embarrassment in Overwatch than C9-ing—basically, letting your opponents backcap without your attention. In the chaotic game that is Overwatch 2, never will there be any wasted moment in which the player, maybe a few times, will forget that winning involves doing the objective and not killing opponents.

This particular rookie mistake happened at one of the highest tiers of competition that Overwatch offers: a professional team, over-aggressing, let their opponents complete one of the longest, most absurd backcaps in the game’s history.

On the final day of Group Stage in OWCS Japan, it was Insomnia going up against Namekuji Brothers. On the second map of King’s Row, it seems Namekuji will fail to capture the second point, as Insomnia starts spawn camping them with 30 seconds left.

Overwatch 2
Overwatch 2

Namekuji’s Tracer, Bambie, touched the point to get some progress in and as a tradition in pro matches, the defending team will always have to fall back and give some space to the attackers to mount a final fight after realizing someone’s on-point. However, Insomnia completely disregarded the Tracer touching the point, choosing to focus on spawn camping instead.

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And as he cuts to Bambie, slowly pushing the cart, we can hear the casters slowly losing their minds and laughing, as Namekuji in a classic Talespin 1vX finds a way to capture the second point despite most of his team being heavily spawn camped.

Capping the second point meant that the Namekuji had snowballed into making a full push through the map. Yet even with this miracle, they wouldn’t come out winning on Kings Row, nor would they come out on top winning the series, ending 3-1 in favor of Insomnia.

Namekuji has been a kind of new one-trick sensation: a tank only playing Roadhog and support only playing Lifeweaver. Still, Namekuji has already embedded itself into the hearts of all OWCS viewers, and not only because of this absurd backcap.

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