Ted Parker Obituary: Sharing Heartfelt Condolences and Kindness

In a world where every life paints a different story, the parting of Teddy “Ted” Dale Parker closes up a full chapter rich in love, service, and community spirit. Ted’s life journey would stand testament to one whose personality may be bold, but at the same time warm, and committed to family and community.

As we pay tribute to his legacy, we delve into the essence of a man whose life was a beacon of generosity and kindness. This reflection honors and motivates the reminder of recognition and remembrance of the achievements of one man who changed many lives.

Ted Parker Obituary

Ted Parker, 71, passed on January 9, 2024. At age 71, he will be lovingly missed, cherished, and remembered always. Remembered as one who had a great, positive impact on people.

ted parker obituary
ted parker obituary

Born and raised in Lumberton, NC, on January 6, 1953, through his later years living in Sunset Beach, Ted epitomized nothing less than a life on the constant go with kindness—a life of deep commitment to family, friends, and community.

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Ted Parker Death

Ted will be deeply missed by his wide circle of family, and friends, and by those he was blessed to have come across.

Also surviving him are his caring and loving wife, Victoria Stone Parker; their children, Christopher Lee Parker and Chandra Lynn Parker; cherished grandchildren; and a host of other relatives who rejoiced and basked in the light and warmth of his life.

His death leaves a void in the hearts of many, a testament to the love and respect he garnered throughout his years.

Condolences on Ted Parker Passing

The outpouring of condolences and memories shared in the wake of Ted’s passing speaks to the indelible impression he has left in the lives he has touched. Each tribute describes a man whose life testifies to living with kindness, generosity and support like nobody’s business. Below is a photo shared which shows how people pay tribute to him.

ted parker Condolences
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In Remembrance Ted Parker’s legacy is a mosaic of lives touched, laughter shared, and compassion spread. His life will always stand as a reminder of beautiful giving, strength of character, and endurance in power.


Ted, it compels us to be inspired by continuing this legacy of kindness. We lovingly honor the call for an open tribute to a life well-lived by this great man so dearly missed. Ted Parker’s story is not a story of loss but a celebration of life that lives on in his inspiration.

He is to be remembered in our memories because though we can meet him again, his spirit will be taking a breath in the kind acts done and lives touched by him and the community loved by him. When we remember Ted, we are not saddened for him but reminded of the capacity that each one of us has to make a difference in this world.

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