Cariba Hein And Her Husband-Are they Still Together?

Have you ever been curious about knowing who walks by the side of a beautiful, talented actress and dancer, Cariba Heine, in the walk called life? Most of the time, our endless curiosity about the personal lives of celebrities ends with us finding interesting stories.

This time, it is the husband of Cariba Heine, Jamie Timony. We are moving a step further in their relationship to know more about the guy with whom she has kept her love.

Who Is Cariba Heine Husband?

Cariba Heine is married to Jamie Timony. They dated for a long time. They’ve been together for over ten years and got married on July 5, 2008. They met on the set of the TV show “H2O: Just Add Water” and began dating soon after. Cariba and Jamie have been together for a long time and are very close.

Below is an Instagram post, which shows Cariba celebrating her husband’s birthday-


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Is Jamie Timony Cariba Heine’s Ex-Husband?

One of the burning questions about the personal life of Cariba Heine is whether Jamie Timony is still her husband or ex. Countering that rumor is the question of Jamie Timony being Cariba Heine’s ex-husband, which is not true.

The couple is happily married and has been together for over a decade. They have been able to meet through the making of the famous TV series show “H2O: Just Add Water,” and they tied the knot on the 5th day of July 2008. From this very fact, these two are said to still be tied with the strongest threads of love and commitment.


How Long Have Cariba Heine and Jamie Timony Been Together?

Their love story began amidst the lights and cameras of the entertainment industry. It is solely because they both worked and shot together on the set of “H2O: Just Add Water”; the couple fell in love.

cariba heine husband
cariba heine husband

They dated for quite a long time, and on that special day in July, they finally got married to each other. They have since lived together, happy, for more than 15 years, enjoying each other’s company and nurturing life.

Cariba Heine and Jamie Timony: Children

Despite going along well with their marriage, Cariba and Jamie have not been blessed with children. Right now, they seem pretty content with just nurturing their relationship and focusing on their careers.

Perhaps parenthood will come in due time, but until then, they are relishing in each other’s companionship.


In a showbiz world where rare relationships last against many odd eyes, Cariba Heine has been able to keep her relationship with Jamie Timony for quite some time.

It’s their set of the TV show where the love story begins. From there, they set forth on an amazing ride together. With undying commitment and respect for each other, they keep motivating not only fans but also admirers in and out of the movie industry.

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