John Oates Wife: Are They Still Live Together And Split Up?

Who is John Oates Wife? John Oates is an American singer. John’s wife is named Aimee Oates. He became well-known as half of the rock and soul band Hall & Oates with Daryl Hall. Oates played guitar, sang, wrote songs, and produced records in the rock, R&B, and soul styles.

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame made him, Daryl Hall, and John Oates a member in 2014.

Who is John Oates wife?

Aimee Oates is John Oates’ second wife. They got married in 1994 after meeting in Aspen. Their marriage has led to the birth of a son. I talked to John Oates in March 2022, and he said, “We’ve been together for 26 years, even longer because we dated before we got married.”

john oates wife
John oates Wife

She’s a lovely woman from the Midwest who lives in the country. They still own and run a farm in Illinois, and they’re great people. He was married to Nancy Hunter before.

Aimee Oates is a generous person. Through the first few years of their marriage, they lived in the Colorado town of Woody Creek. A boy named Tanner was born to them in 1996.

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Is John Oates still married to Aimee Oates?

She is still with her husband, yes. She married American singer, guitarist, and songwriter John Oates on November 27, 1994. They met her at a show in Minneapolis in a strange place. That time, she went to the show, and John saw her. He quickly started to pursue her. In the end, they got married in 1983.

There was also a baby boy they had together in 1996. His name was Tanner. It hasn’t been said that John and Aimee are getting a divorce or that anything bad has happened in their personal or work lives in the past few years.

What is Aimee Oates’s Husband’s Net Worth?

John Oates, Aimee’s husband, has a net worth of $60 million. He has sold more than 40 million records around the world. Besides that, they had bought a farm in Connecticut, a house in Aspen, and a fancy car.

The Professional Growth of John Oates

John Oates was inducted into both the Songwriters Hall of Fame and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2004. He was the guitarist and co-songwriter for the famous pop-rock band Hall & Oates. More than just being a great artist,

He sang lead on several Hot 100 songs and made a big difference in the score for the 1986 movie “About Last Night.” Unbelievable as it may seem, Oates co-wrote and sang backup vocals on Icehouse’s Billboard top 10 hit song “Electric Blue.”

With his high school diploma from North Penn High School in 1966, John Oates began an amazing journey at Temple University. In 1972, he met Daryl Hall, a senior at Temple where he also played music. The two of them became famous very quickly. After signing with Atlantic Records, Hall & Oates put out a series of records that got good reviews and sold more than 80 million copies around the world. More than twenty Top 40 hits and ten number-one albums show how great their music is.

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