Completionist Charity Fraud: Know Everything About The Scam!

In a recent turn of events, Jirard Khalil, popularly known as The Completionist, finds himself embroiled in controversy as his charity organization, The Open Hand Foundation, faces accusations of failing to report donations. The controversy began when allegations surfaced that the charity was withholding substantial funds, and now, further investigations by Karl Jobst and SomeOrdinaryGamers’ Mutahar reveal an even more alarming situation.

The IndieLand Charity Stream

The initial accusations pointed to The Open Hand Foundation withholding over $600,000 in donations raised for Dementia research through The Completionist’s IndieLand charity stream. Both Jobst and Mutahar independently probed into this matter, shedding light on the concerning financial practices.

The Charity Golf Tournament

A recent video by Karl Jobst delves into another revenue stream for The Completionist’s charity—the charitable golf tournament hosted by The Open Hand Foundation. This event, running since 2003, has garnered sponsorships from major companies like Coca-Cola, Pepsi, and Monster Energy. Jobst alleges that this tournament, pulling in tens of thousands of dollars annually, is a significant source of income for the foundation.

Discrepancies in Financial Data

Jobst’s investigation reveals a puzzling pattern in the financial data. While the golf tournament allegedly raises substantial amounts, the foundation’s filings from 2019 onwards show a disproportionate reliance on the IndieLand charity stream. Jobst questions the apparent lack of impact from the golf tournament’s funds, suggesting that tens of thousands of dollars in donations are unaccounted for each year.

Historical Context

Before the inception of IndieLand in 2018, the golf tournament stood as the primary fundraising event for The Open Hand Foundation. Jobst emphasizes that the increasing success of IndieLand, coupled with the stable income from the golf tournament, should have been reflected in the foundation’s financial filings. However, his data presents a different narrative, raising concerns about the handling of donations.

Missing Funds and Criminal Implications

Jobst’s findings indicate a consistent pattern of funds going missing, with evidence suggesting this practice predates the establishment of The Open Hand Foundation. He asserts that this is not accidental, leading to a startling conclusion: “I’ve uncovered enough to confidently say that something very criminal is happening with the Open Hand Foundation.” Jobst encourages reporting to the appropriate authorities for potential fraud.

Below the recent tweets are given related to this Completionist Charity Fraud-

Lack of Public Response

As these allegations unfold, both The Completionist and The Open Hand Foundation have yet to issue public responses. Jobst claims they are “burying their head in the sand and ignoring the situation, hoping it blows over,” adding another layer of complexity to this unfolding controversy.


The Completionist’s charity faces intensified scrutiny as allegations of concealing donations raise questions about financial transparency and ethical practices. With calls for legal intervention, the unfolding situation puts The Open Hand Foundation under increasing public and legal scrutiny.


  1. What are the initial allegations against The Open Hand Foundation?

    • Initial allegations suggest that The Open Hand Foundation, associated with The Completionist, was withholding over $600,000 in donations raised for Dementia research through The Completionist’s IndieLand charity stream.
  2. What does Karl Jobst’s investigation reveal about the charity golf tournament?

    • Karl Jobst’s investigation alleges that The Open Hand Foundation’s charity golf tournament, sponsored by major companies, raises tens of thousands of dollars annually. However, there are discrepancies in the financial data, with the funds seemingly unaccounted for in the foundation’s filings.
  3. How does the IndieLand charity stream relate to the charity golf tournament?

    • The IndieLand charity stream, initiated in 2018, became an additional source of donations for The Open Hand Foundation. Despite the success of IndieLand and ongoing funds from the golf tournament, Karl Jobst’s data suggests a disproportionate reliance on IndieLand in the foundation’s financial filings.
  4. What is the potential criminal implication according to Karl Jobst?

    • Karl Jobst asserts that his findings point to a consistent pattern of missing funds, indicating potential criminal activity within The Open Hand Foundation. He encourages reporting to authorities for potential fraud.
  5. Have The Completionist and The Open Hand Foundation responded to the allegations?

    • As of now, both The Completionist and The Open Hand Foundation have not issued public responses to the allegations. Karl Jobst claims they are ignoring the situation, hoping it will blow over.

Note: The unfolding nature of this controversy may lead to updates or responses from the involved parties.

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