Rose Hanbury’s Alleged Divorce Sparks Speculation About Prince William’s Paternity

In a shocking turn of events, rumors circulated about the divorce of Rose Hanbury, known for her alleged involvement with Prince William, and Count David Cholmondeley. The whispers of a potential bombshell revelation regarding their daughter’s paternity have ignited fresh speculation in the realm of British high society.

Prince William Alleged Affair

The saga began with reports suggesting an affair between Prince William and Rose Hanbury while Kate Middleton was expecting their third child in 2019. Despite being close friends, the relationship reportedly strained ties between Middleton and Hanbury.

Prince William divorce

A Royal Source Leaks Details

An anonymous source within the royal circle recently divulged more about Hanbury’s private life, indicating a significant development. This revelation comes as the alleged mistress and her husband decide to part ways.

Speculations Surrounding Lady Iris Marina Aline Cholmondeley

Rose Hanbury and Count David Cholmondeley welcomed their daughter, Lady Iris Marina Aline Cholmondeley, in March 2016. However, questions arise about her paternity due to the timeline of Hanbury and Prince William’s rumored relationship, dating back to 2014.

Unconfirmed Claims and Royal Intrigue

Prince William divorce

While rumors suggest that Lady Iris Marina might be Prince William’s daughter, it’s crucial to note that these claims lack confirmation. The alleged affair’s timeline and Iris Marina’s birth in 2016 intensify speculation but remain unverified.

Royal Family Dynamics Amid Scandal

With the impending coronation of King Charles on May 6, the British royal family grapples with additional controversies. Prince William and Kate Middleton now find themselves under increased scrutiny, potentially overshadowing the upcoming royal event.


As speculations regarding Lady Iris Marina’s paternity echo through the corridors of British aristocracy, the royal family braces for the aftermath of yet another scandal, adding to the recent turmoil surrounding King Charles, Prince Harry, Meghan, and Prince Andrew.

Note: It is essential to treat these claims with caution, as they are based on unconfirmed rumors and speculation within tabloid circles. The accuracy of the alleged revelations remains unverified.

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