Who are JuJu Watkins Parents, Sari and Robert-Neal Watkins?

Explore the inspiring story of Juju Watkins, the No.1 ranked high school player in the country, and the integral role her parents, Sari and Robert Watkins, play in her success.

Who Are Juju Watkins Parents?

Uncover the background of Juju’s parents and their friendship with LeBron and Savannah James. Learn how their support and guidance have kept Juju grounded despite her rising fame.

Sari Watkins: A Mother’s Perspective on Fame

Delve into Sari Watkins‘ perspective on her daughter’s rise to fame. Discover how the family focused on Juju’s personal and athletic growth rather than the external pressures that come with being a top-ranked player.

Robert Watkins: Coaching and Dedication

Explore the athletic background of Robert Watkins and his commitment to coaching Juju. Understand Watkins’ plan for Juju’s athletic career, initially geared towards tennis, and the pivotal moment when she chose basketball.

Gym Legacy: Playing in Grandfather’s Footsteps

Learn about the unique aspect of Juju Watkins’ upbringing, playing in a gym named after her grandfather, Ted Watkins Sr. Discover the historical significance of the gym and its connection to community development after the Watts Riots.

Juju Watkins Parents

Father-Daughter Bond: Basketball in the Backyard

Uncover the heartwarming story of how Juju persuaded her ex-football-playing father, Robert, to coach her in basketball. Explore Robert’s coaching philosophy and the dedication Juju displayed in implementing lessons immediately on the court.

Gatorade National Girl’s Basketball Player of the Year

Celebrate Juju Watkins’ achievements, including her title as the reigning Gatorade National Girl’s Basketball Player of the Year. Trace her journey from Windward School to Sierra Canyon, where she transferred before committing to the University of Southern California (USC).


As Juju Watkins continues to make waves in the basketball world, her parents, Sari and Robert Watkins, stand as pillars of support. Their influence, dedication, and unique family dynamics have played a crucial role in shaping Juju’s extraordinary journey.

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