Remembering Shannon Perris Knight: A Life of Love, Loss, and Legacy

Shannon Perris Knight, the late wife of renowned actor Kevin Gage, led a life that intertwined with Hollywood glamour, personal struggles, and a tragic battle with cancer. In this tribute, we delve into the captivating story of Shannon, exploring her background, marriage, motherhood, and the legacy she left behind.

Shannon Perris Knight Early Life and Personal Background

Shannon Perris Knight, born Shannon Butcher on June 29, 1972, in Santa Barbara, lived a predominantly private life before her marriage to Kevin Gage. Raised in Santa Barbara, she shared her hometown with her husband, and together they built a life centered around family, outdoor activities, and a shared love for privacy.

The Journey to Hollywood and Marriage to Kevin Gage

Shannon Perris knight

Shannon’s path to Hollywood was marked by artistic pursuits, including photography, acting, and her love for the arts. Her life took a significant turn when she crossed paths with Kevin Gage, an accomplished actor known for his roles in iconic films like Heat. Their love story culminated in marriage in 2005, and the couple welcomed their son, Ryder Jay, in January 2007.

Shannon Perris Knight Challenges and Tragedy

The Knight-Gage family faced unforeseen challenges, including Shannon’s diagnosis of inoperable brain cancer in 2008. The family moved to a tranquil beach in Baja, California, seeking a peaceful environment during Shannon’s battle with the illness. Despite the care and support from her family, Shannon succumbed to cancer on July 13, 2014, leaving a void in the lives of those who knew and loved her.

Shannon Perris knight

Shannon Perris Knight Legacy and Impact

In the wake of Shannon’s untimely death, Kevin Gage took on the responsibility of raising their son, Ryder Jay. Devoting his life to parenting, Kevin cherishes the joy of fatherhood. Ryder, now 17, has followed in his father’s footsteps, venturing into acting and making a mark in the film industry.

FAQs About Shannon Perris Knight

Q. Did Shannon Perris Knight have a career in the arts?

A. Beyond being Kevin Gage’s wife, Shannon was involved in photography, acting, and artistic endeavors.

Q. How did Kevin Gage and Shannon meet?

A. While details of their initial meeting are not widely known, they dated before marrying in 2005.

Q. What was Shannon’s impact on her family?

A. Shannon’s strength during her illness and her enduring legacy continue to inspire her family and those who knew her.


Shannon Perris Knight’s journey reflects a tapestry of love, challenges, and resilience. Her memory lives on through the indelible impact she had on her family and the quiet strength she displayed in the face of adversity. In celebrating her life, we honor a woman who, though gone too soon, left an enduring legacy.

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