Kim Yoo Jung Current Boyfriend and Past Relationships!

Ever wondered where you can catch up with Kim Yoo Jung, the beloved actress? How about joining over 7.7 million fans on her official Instagram account?

Kim Yoo-jung, the acclaimed 21-year-old South Korean actress, has captivated audiences since the tender age of 4, showcasing her remarkable talent on screen. Despite her success in the entertainment industry, there’s been considerable speculation surrounding her romantic life.

In this article, we delve into the intricacies of Kim Yoo-jung Boyfriend addressing past dating rumors, her ideal partner, and her current relationship status.

Kim Yoo-jung Boyfriend And Current Relationship Status

kim yoo jung boyfrien
kim yoo jung boyfrien

As of now, Kim Yoo-Jung is reportedly single. Kim Yoo-Jung does not have a boyfriend. Despite various dating rumors and speculations, there hasn’t been any confirmed romantic involvement with any of her co-stars or celebrities.

Kim Yoo-Jung’s Relationship Speculations

kim yoo jung ex boyfriend
kim yoo jung ex boyfriend

Kim Taehyung (BTS)

In early 2020, rumors sparked regarding a possible relationship between Kim Yoo-Jung and V from BTS. A social media frenzy erupted when both stars shared photos of themselves riding the subway, leading fans to speculate about their romantic involvement. However, these rumors were swiftly debunked by V’s record label.

Park Bo-gum

Kim Yoo-jung’s on-screen chemistry with Park Bo-gum in ‘Love in the Moonlight’ fueled speculations of a real-life romance. Despite being spotted together at airports and wearing matching outfits, no confirmation has been provided regarding their relationship status.

Yeo Jin-goo

The close working relationship between Kim Yoo-jung and Yeo Jin-goo, spanning multiple projects since childhood, has sparked admiration from fans. While their chemistry on screen is undeniable, there’s been no confirmation of any romantic involvement off-screen.

Baro (B1A4)

Dating rumors circulated in 2015 when Kim Yoo-jung and Baro were spotted together at an event. However, these rumors were promptly dismissed by their respective agencies.

Ji Chang-Wook

Fans couldn’t help but ship Kim Yoo-Jung and Ji Chang-Wook after witnessing their delightful chemistry both on and off-screen during the filming of ‘Backstreet Rookie’. Despite their close friendship and mutual admiration, there’s been no indication of a romantic relationship between them.

Cha Eun-woo (Astro)

Astro’s Cha Eun-woo expressed his admiration for Kim Yoo-Jung and mentioned her as his ideal type in interviews. While fans hoped for a collaboration between the two, there’s been no evidence of a romantic relationship between them.

Marriage and Ideal Partner

Kim Yoo-Jung has not tied the knot and remains unmarried. She has expressed her preference for someone older, who possesses inner strength and a healthy lifestyle. However, she has emphasized her focus on her career and personal growth before considering marriage.


Kim Yoo-jung’s love life remains a subject of fascination for fans, fueled by speculation and occasional dating rumors. While her on-screen romances may ignite curiosity, the actress keeps her personal life guarded, prioritizing her career and individual journey. As admirers of her talent and charisma, we respect her privacy while continuing to enjoy her performances on screen.

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