Secrets Revealed: Zach Bryan’s Past with His Ex-Wife Uncovered

Zach Bryan, a country musician, has had one of the quickest rises to fame in recent memory. In what seems like a matter of months, he went from being relatively unknown to being nominated for a Grammy and selling out arenas all over the world. Is he enjoying his sudden fame with a wife or girlfriend, though?

Let’s talk about Bryan’s current relationship state and past relationships.

Is Zach Bryan Married?

Zach Bryan is not married right now, in December 2023. But from 2020 to 2021, he was married to Rose Madden.

zach bryan ex wife
zach bryan ex wife

To put his short-lived relationship in the grand scheme of his work: Bryan’s first record, DeAnn, came out in 2019 while he was still in the U.S. Navy. He joined at age 17 and is now a captain. In 2020, he put out another album called Elizabeth.

When his music started going viral online, the mainstream country music business started to pay attention. He first sang on the Grand Ole Opry in April 2021, when he sang “Oklahoma City” and “Sweet DeAnn.”

After six months, Bryan got divorced and said he was leaving the Navy to focus on his music business full-time. He’s now making music with Kacey Musgraves and selling out arenas. Bryan talked to The New York Times in September 2022 about the years he spent getting better at his trade.

“I was like, don’t put your guitar down, keep going, something’s going to happen,” he said. “Not because I had to. Not because I wanted to be well-known. Not because I wished I was wealthy. When I thought about my mom, I would say to myself, “Something is telling me not to stop doing this.”

Who is Zach Bryan Ex-wife?

Rose Madden was Bryan’s ex-wife while he was still in the service. Since they were married before he became famous, not much is known about her or their relationship. They got married in Colchuk Lake, Washington, in July 2020. Madden doesn’t say much on social media, but some news sources say she may have also been in the service.

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How long was Zach Bryan married?

The wedding took place in July 2020. One year later, they broke up, but neither of them has ever talked about what caused the breakup in public. All signs of each other have been erased from both of their social media accounts since then.

zach bryan ex wife
zach bryan ex wife

Why did Zach Bryan split up with his wife?

Bryan and Madden have never said what caused them to split up after only one year of marriage. When Madden went back to social media after a long break in July 2021, she deleted all photos of Bryan from her feed and wrote under a picture of herself, “She’s ba—ack ;-).”

Does Zach Bryan have kids?

Bryan doesn’t have any kids. He’s focused on his job for now, even though he doesn’t want to be a star. “Never in my life did I think I’d be a musician.” No questions asked. No. And I was thinking about how crazy things are in my life right now yesterday,” he said on Joe Rogan’s show in August 2023. “Like going back to Oklahoma and being around people, and having people come up to me in diners and say, ‘Take a picture with me.'” “What the heck is going on, man?”

Who else has Zach Bryan dated?


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Bryan dated Deb Peifer, who was in charge of education programs, after his breakup with Madden. In 2022, Bryan was active on Peifer’s social media sites a lot. However, earlier this year, Bryan confirmed that the two were no longer together.

“To be honest and show respect, I’m telling everyone that Debra and I broke up about a week and a half ago,” he wrote on Twitter on May 31, 2023. When they broke up, Bryan said it was mutual and that they would always remember the “good times” they had together.

Who is Zach Bryan dating now?

Bryan is seeing Brianna LaPaglia, aka Brianna Chickenfry, who is a host on Barstool Sports. Bryan and LaPaglia revealed their relationship in July 2023 when she said on her “PlanBri Uncut” podcast that she and Bryan had been “hanging out” for three weeks.


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It’s just for fun, and she said, “I just wanted to talk about it because the internet is freaking the f–k out.” “But we’re just hanging out and having fun, and that’s where I’ve been.” That’s what I’ve been doing and what I’ll keep doing for a while. I’m okay with where things are going.

After a month, LaPaglia revealed that she does say she is Bryan’s girlfriend.


Zach Bryan’s journey through relationships has been marked by ups and downs, from his brief marriage to Rose Madden to his recent romance with Brianna LaPaglia. Despite the twists and turns, Bryan remains focused on his career as a rising country music star.

While his personal life has garnered attention, Bryan continues to captivate audiences with his soulful music and genuine talent. As he navigates fame and love, Bryan’s authenticity shines through, making him a beloved figure in the world of country music.

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