What’s in Store: Leaked iPhone 16 Pro Design Changes

When Apple comes out with its next batch of iPhones this autumn, fans may be in for a lethargic treat. In the past few weeks, many news sources, such as 91 Mobiles and MacRumors, and anonymous insiders have shared what they say are CAD renders of the whole iPhone 16 lineup.

It looks like Apple will show more love for the entry-level models in 2024 by giving them a small style tweak to the back shell.

According to leaks, the camera island on the iPhone 16 and probably also the Plus version will get a pill-shaped change. The 16 Pro and Pro Max models are said to have other changes. Let’s get started. There’s a lot to talk about.

The brand-new look of the iPhone 16

The new iPhone 15 duo has camera lenses that are placed diagonally on top of a glass bump that looks like a square. Apple is said to be changing it with a camera island that looks like a pill and will be in the next versions. This is similar to how the iPhone X looked.

Most likely, the rest of the gadget profile will stay the same. The physical button setup and the way the Face ID cutout looks on top of the full-screen look are both here to stay. There isn’t a lot of reliable information about the insides, but the A17 series is likely to have a new chip and some small camera improvements.

Apple might be making a big change to the way their phones look, and the iPhone 16 will look better than the iPhone 15. Is it a good change, though?

A fun idea is to go back to the iPhone X, especially since Apple has used the same camera bump shape (almost square) since the iPhone 11 series. For what it’s worth, it would also make the iPhone 16 look different from the iPhone 16 Pro.

Recent Updates:

Changes to the iPhone 16 Pro

It looks like Apple is happy with the update it made to the iPhone 15 Pro pair for the iPhone 16 Pro models. A new button will be added to the right side of the phone, below the power button. This is the only change that can be seen. There are rumours that it won’t be a real button.

This new button will be flush with the frame of the phone instead, and it may even have sensitive sensors under it. According to rumours, it will be used like a camera shutter button and may be able to be changed, like the Action button on the iPhone 15 Pro duo. It’s great to see something that became popular with the Lumia and Xperia phones come back!

Apple is moving the antenna to the other side to make room for this new button. Titanium will once again be used to make high-end iPhones, but there may be a new colour called “White Titanium” that we don’t know about yet.

New iPhone 16 Pro design leaked
New iPhone 16 Pro design leaked

The smaller “Pro” model will get the same tetraprism 5x high zoom in 2024, but it will only be available on the iPhone 15 Pro Max. Apple could do what Samsung did and put a 10x zoom camera on the iPhone 16 Pro Max.

It looks like some of the improvements inside will also change the total size. 91Mobiles says the iPhone 15 Pro will be 149.6 mm tall, 71.4 mm wide, and 8.4 mm thick, which is all more than the iPhone 14 Pro. Unless that happens, the design will be the same boring thing that Apple first showed off with the iPhone 11 Pro line.

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