Apple Acquires AI Startup DarwinAI, Prepares to Integrate Generative AI into iOS 18

Apple bought Darwin AI, a business based in Canada that makes AI. The company will be used to check the parts as they are being made. It came out that Google wants to make a smaller and smarter AI system with this purchase, according to Bloomberg There are now several workers from the AI company working for Apple in their AI division.

Founded in 2017, DarwinAI is an AI tech startup that specialises in visual quality inspection offering manufacturers an end-to-end solution to improve product quality and production efficiency.

The story also said that Alexander Wong, a researcher at DarwinAI, is now in charge of Apple’s AI division. DarwinAI has created AI technology that can visually check parts while they are being made. They have customers in many different businesses.

Apple Acquires AI Startup DarwinAI, Prepares to Integrate Generative AI into iOS 18
Apple Acquires AI Startup DarwinAI, Prepares to Integrate Generative AI into iOS 18

After Google’s Gemini and Microsoft’s Copilot, Apple is going to release its generative AI that can write answers that sound like they came from a person. Later this year, Apple devices will likely get this system in the iOS 18 and macOS 15 running systems.

It’s important to note that Apple acknowledged the purchase by saying, “Apple buys smaller tech companies from time to time.”

Author Mark Gurman of Bloomberg said that Apple is going to add features like auto-summarizing and auto-complete to its main apps and work-related programs like Pages and Keynote. It is also said to be working on adding AI to services like Apple Music. Apple wants to “better automate playlist creation” with AI.

It is also believed that Siri will get a makeover with AI. Gurman went on to say, “Apple is building a new AI-based system to help AppleCare employees help customers fix problems.”

There are rumors that Apple is making its own AI robot-like ChatGPT. It could be called Apple GPT. He says that Apple has already started this service for its workers. It lets them use saved data to try features, summarise text, and answer questions.

CEO Tim Cook said at Apple’s recent annual shareholder meeting that the company will share more information about how it plans to use creative AI later this year.

Cook said that the company that makes the iPhone thinks that “generative AI has the potential to be a huge breakthrough. That’s why we’re investing a lot of money in this area right now.” We think that will greatly improve users’ abilities to be productive, solve problems, and do other things.

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