Jessica Coleman Obituary: How Did He Died?

In life so brief, left to think over the complexities of life in the given time of existence, to gain from the unwillingness of time. Among the tides of human life, the obituary of Jessica Coleman stands to remind us—frail is life itself, but not love and faith.

Jessica Coleman Obituary

Luminous is the soul of Jessica Erin Lane Coleman, a radiant living that graces her days and those of her family, friends, and acquaintances to that eternal glory on March 13, 2024.

jessica coleman obituary
Jessica coleman obituary

What came to be during her temporal existence on this earthly plane was evident in just how strong an influence love and faith can have in our lives; she showed unwavering devotion to her family and faith.

January 26, 1988, in Lexington, Kentucky, Jessica started a life story where she had bloomed like a beacon of light within her community. From very early childhood, Jessica had shown an unfailing commitment towards her faith, which touched the lives of multitudes with expressions of love, rooted in service at Sand Spring Baptist Church.

Enormous love spread out over her most beloved family: her husband, Kyle Coleman, and three daughters, Makenna Kaye, Mia Grace, and Kylee Jo.

They were together for a very long way full of adventures, and definitely, this gives rise to the blooming memories of happiness and laughter. Left to cherish her memory are her parents Tony and Rhonda Lane, sister Chelsea Hartley, and many friends and family.

But through the sorrow, her spirit could live in the indelible mark she left on those few that she touched.

In addition to his grieving community, Hunter joins the ranks of beloved individuals such as Ione Franz and Karl Wallinger, whose memories continue to live on in the hearts of those who knew them.

Jessica Coleman Funeral Report

A somber gathering on March 20, 2024, at Sand Springs Baptist Church to say “farewell” to Jessica celebrates a life lived with great exuberance. Making the service extra moving is the fact that Pastor Mike Hamrick will be officiating, bringing words that are meant to bring comfort and healing to soften the rawness of the pain.

jessica coleman obituary
jessica coleman obituary

Pallbearers were cherished family and friends who would bear with grace and reverence the memory of Jessica as they laid to rest her casket in Rose Crest Cemetery in Versailles, Kentucky. Thousands of people from the community attended the funeral and viewed the body, which proved how far-reaching Jessica was.

Jessica Coleman Cause of Death

While the circumstances that shadow the details of Jessica’s death may remain veiled in such solemnity, this is not something that her legacy should be reconciled within the confining of mortal life. Her life displayed resilience, compassion, and steadfast faith that touched indelibly in every life she inspired.


The constant reminder will always be in death that life is transient, yet love and faith have made an eternal world of their own. It left the human sphere but would evermore remain in the hearts of those who believed, and had been touched by lighting the pathway with a brilliant legacy of love, faith, and Jesus’s joy.

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