Jeweler Ben Baller Divorce: Know the Reasons Behind the Split

Divorce often elicits an aura of sadness and intrigue, especially with persons in the limelight.

The spotlight comes in on world-renowned celebrity jeweler Ben Baller, whose announcement of splitting up with wife Nicole Lacson has rocked all social media sites. But what really lies underneath this high-profile separation? Baller shared his revelation on his Instagram about the difficulties he has in his personal life.

In an honest post, he has bared his heart to his fans over the ordeal that has been chewing his life for the last couple of months, branding it as the “hardest, worst, darkest” time of his life. He tried to rekindle the romance but it has already fizzled out, a relationship of more than 10 years with Lacson, when he separated from her.

As Ben Bowler has already removed the divorce-related posts from the Instagram handle, but we found some Twitter users’ posts related to his divorce, which are given below


The reasons behind this decision remain somewhat elusive, as Baller chose to disable comments on his post. That said, he thanked her for the time they had spent and said that surely, words could not describe the much she had an indelible part in making him the man he is today.

Surely, with three kids, his name bore an indelible effect on the journey of being husband and wife together, an effect that surely must have affected both their lives.

ben baller divorce
ben baller divorce

The two first dated in 2009, and in 2012, they were already swapping their “I dos” with each other. Baller and Lacson could have had a bigger love story—one that transcends the glitz and glamour usually associated with celebrity romances.

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However, they have had their setbacks, including the postponement of their wedding following a tragic loss—both insinuating that whatever had been built could easily come tumbling down. But as the rumor goes about, divorce is wild. It is to be marked that the issue in question is delicate, and everything said or written about it should rather be marked with extreme delicacy and respect for the ones whose privacy has been concerned.

Though they do not make the details of their decision public, the public’s interest in such relationships brought out how universal love and sorrow are.

Now, it should be mentioned that in the Instagram post with which Baller announced the breakup, all that remains in its place is an echo of these heartfelt words. In a world where social media very often serves as a “window” into the lives of the rich and famous, the decision to take down such personal revelations would speak volumes about the complications of fame and relationships.

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