Stephanie Martz Obituary- A Tribute to a Life Well-Lived

In the journey of life, as we thread through the maze of the convolution of the quilt of existence, we so often cross those paths of souls forever changing.

At least, a name is given to be remembered: Stephanie Michelle Martz poses questions to ponder and mull over as we would consider this enigmatic journey of life, often fraught with question marks.

Stephanie Martz Obituary: An Invitation to Reflection

stephanie martz obituary
stephanie martz obituary

Stephanie Martz, a longtime member of the Ashburn, VA community, passed away on October 20, 2023, leaving behind a hole that will reverberate down the corridors of people whose lives she touched. It’s at the core of her parting. She invites one—it is an invitation for reflection on the fullness of life, what one has given to it, the fullness of being.

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Who Was Stephanie Martz?

Who was Stephanie Martz? What defined her essence beyond the mere dates of her birth and departure?

Born on December 7th, 1992, Stephanie waddled across the halls of education to the yearly finish line from the brick-and-mortar of Page County High in the year of 2011.

stephanie martz obituary
stephanie martz obituary

These academic achievements advance into an Associate of Arts and Science from Lord Fairfax and subsequently a Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Liberal Studies Minor in Elementary Education and further to a Master of Arts in Teaching at JMU. Six years as an educator in Loudon County, her commitment to education could be felt and seen through her passionate reach to mold young minds.

But, indeed to the manner born, more than to be a shining light in her community was Stephanie, who was a member of the Newport Church of the Brethren and was baptized on the 21st day of March 2004.

She had strong family connections to other members of her family, her paternal father Greg and wife Jhenny, maternal mother Amy, and companion Donnie, and siblings Samantha and Kolin.

But the impact she made reached far beyond blood relations; she was a powerful part of a network of love and connection to all of us who knew her.

Stephanie Martz Cause of Death

While the circumstances of Stephanie’s death may be cast in shadows by the solemnity of the occasion, her legacy shines far beyond the pall of this present mortality. Transferring from this earth surrounded by loved ones, Stephanie leaves in mind that fills boundaries with time.

In Memoriam

Honoring Stephanie’s Memory We say our goodbyes to Stephanie Martz, and I am reminded not to sorrow for her but to find the beauty in remembrance. To remember her laughter and the many moments she gave of herself to those who shared life with her giving spirit.


Embracing the Legacy of Stephanie Martz Into this glowing and flowing life, we just happen to bump into souls that leave imprints on our hearts and, in a way, guide the labyrinthine paths of existence. Stephanie Michelle Martz was one of those eternal souls—an educator, daughter, sister, and friend whose love reverberated not only in what was present in her being but also in the work she did on this earth.

As we say goodbye to Stephanie, let the light of her memory burn high and not low, but shine on in the world with good manners, kindness, and grace that does not waver.

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