Social Security Update: April Payments Issued, Up to $4,873 for High-Income Retirees

Social Security Update: First April payments round sent, worth $4,873 By Misty Severi 7:35 pm, April 3, 2024. The highest-income retirees, however, will receive up to $4,873 a month for the three April social security payments with a week’s delay.

The Social Security Twitter handle has also shared a tweet to check eligibility for payments and how to apply-

The payment is going to be made to beneficiaries born from the 1st to the 10th according to the calendar of the Social Security Administration. Those whose birth month fell on the 11th day or later would receive their checks in one of the later disbursements—either on the 17th or on April 24.

In fact, the maximum amount to be received by a retiree depends on some factors such as age at retirement, the amount that has been paid into Social Security, and the number of years paid to the program. But one age stands out: the retirement age. If a senior should retire at 70 years old, the sum paid would be at its highest, which would amount to $4,873 per month.

Social Security Update
Social Security Update

If a person would retire at the full retirement age of 67, he could receive the highest amount of benefits, which reaches up to $3,822 per month. If a person is to retire at the earliest possible age, which is 62, the amount he would receive is only $2,710 per month.

This year’s payments will include a 3.2% rise from 2023’s monthly payments, which is part of an annual cost-of-living adjustment. Not all recipients will get the maximum, so a more individualized estimate of what any given person can expect to receive each month may be found through the SSA’s calculator.

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