Social Security update: April’s Direct Payment Worth $943 Goes out in Four Days

There are only four more days until millions of Supplemental Security Income beneficiaries receive April’s monthly payment of up to $943 for individual filers.

This installment will benefit a person who suffers long-term disability in which the income is very limited and low, as referred to above by the Social Security Administration.

Social Security update
Social Security update

The actual amount is just dependent on the category for which each filer applies for the payment. The people living with the SSI recipients, to take care of them as essential persons, qualify for a lower disbursement amount.

The SSA gives details of individual filers who are entitled to $943 a month, couple filings get a maximum of $1,415, while essential persons get a maximum of $472 per month, all these being incrementations in inflation of up to 3.2% from 2023.

In other words, to meet the qualification for the SSI payments, one must be partially blind at the least, or have “physical or mental condition(s) that seriously limit their daily activities for 12 months or more, or may be expected to result in death.

Recent Social Security update:

Developed in 1974, the SSI program was intended to provide further aid to those vulnerable among them: the elderly and people with very crippling disabilities. The program created an income floor which had been supplanted by the state assistance program.

Payments would come on top of regular Social Security benefits for those who qualified for both, but not all would get the full amounts.

Filers can see a personalized estimate through the SSA’s calculator.

Source of information- A Twitter post which shares a Social Security update

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