Meet Colette Steel: The Woman Behind Brian Steel’s Success

Colette Steel is not only the wife of renowned defense attorney Brian Steel but also his professional partner in their formidable legal practice, The Steel Law Firm, P.C. Together, they have built a reputation for their relentless pursuit of justice and dedication to their clients. This article delves into Colette Steel’s background, her role in the firm, and her contributions to the legal community.

Professional Background

Colette Steel, a seasoned attorney, co-runs The Steel Law Firm, P.C. alongside her husband, Brian Steel. Her legal expertise and strategic acumen have been pivotal in the firm’s success. While Brian Steel often takes the spotlight due to his involvement in high-profile cases, Colette’s work behind the scenes is equally significant. Her comprehensive understanding of the law and meticulous attention to detail have played a crucial role in the firm’s operations and client victories​.

The Steel Law Firm, P.C.

The Steel Law Firm, P.C., known for its robust defense strategies, is a joint venture between Colette and Brian Steel. The firm specializes in complex criminal defense cases, including RICO charges, murder, and immigration fraud. Colette’s involvement in the firm encompasses a range of responsibilities from case preparation to courtroom strategy. Her collaborative efforts with Brian have ensured the firm’s reputation as one of Georgia’s premier criminal defense practices.( The Beat of The Capital)​​.

Colette Steel and Brian Steel

Role in High-Profile Cases

While Brian Steel often represents clients in the courtroom, Colette’s contributions are integral to the preparation and strategy of their cases. Notably, in the high-profile defense of rapper Young Thug, Colette’s behind-the-scenes work has been critical. She has assisted in developing defense strategies, scrutinizing legal documents, and ensuring every detail is meticulously addressed. Her work has helped fortify the defense in such challenging and publicized cases​.

Personal Life and Partnership

Colette and Brian Steel’s partnership extends beyond their professional lives. Their personal and professional relationship exemplifies a harmonious balance, with each bringing unique strengths to their joint endeavors. Their shared commitment to justice and ethical defense has not only solidified their bond but also enhanced their effectiveness as a legal team.

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Recognition and Impact

Although often working behind the scenes, Colette Steel’s contributions have not gone unnoticed. Her role in The Steel Law Firm, P.C. has been crucial to its success and the successful outcomes of numerous cases. The recognition of Brian Steel as one of Billboard’s Top Music Lawyers also reflects the collective effort and strategic acumen that Colette brings to the firm​.


Colette Steel is a formidable force in the legal community, working alongside her husband, Brian Steel, to provide unparalleled defense for their clients. Her expertise, dedication, and meticulous approach are integral to the success of The Steel Law Firm, P.C. While she may not always be in the public eye, Colette’s impact on the legal landscape is profound and enduring.

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