Big Meech Net Worth: Exploring The Wealth Of The BMF Leader

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Who Is Big Meech?

Big Meech, an American businessman, was found guilty of selling cocaine. His idea was to start the Black Mafia Family (BMF), a hip-hop and rap company in Southwest Detroit. He grew up in poverty and set out to make things better for himself. By the time he was 17, he was a successful businessman. He dealt illegal drugs, set up drug routes in Los Angeles, made deals with other drug gangs, and saved money until he was 35 years old.

Interviews with Big Meech by magazines and reporters showed that he was smart, had a good business sense, and knew what he needed to know. BMF: The Rise And Fall Of Big Meech And The Black Mafia Family author Mara Shalhoup said it was like sitting across from an entrepreneur with a wall between them.

big meech
big meech

Early Life Details

On June 21, 1968, Big Meech, whose real name was Demetrius Edwards Flenory, was born. He was the oldest of the three children born to the Flenory family. Terry Flenory, also known as Southwest T, was born on January 10, 1970. He is his younger brother. Nicole, his younger sister, was born in 1974. The two were born to Charles and Lucille Flenory. The Flenorys had to make do with what they had because they were afraid of famine and having to leave their houses. This pushed Big Meech and his brother toward the job that would define most of their lives.

What Is Big Meech Famous For?

Big Meech was known for being one of the biggest drug sellers in Los Angeles. The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) doesn’t like him because he has ties to the Mexican drug gangs, a lot of members in organized crime groups, and a lot of contacts across the states. He had a lot of success in the rap music business. To do this, Meech brought some well-known singers to the forefront, such as Bleu Davinci and Young Jeezy. For the Black Mafia Family, he also planned their television company, BMF Entertainment, and their criminal empire. The venue hosted fancy parties and gave money to up-and-coming rap acts.

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Big Meech’s Career Details

It all started when Big Meech was in high school and his brother started selling drugs. As a child, Meech did many illegal things, especially through his record company, “BMF Entertainment.”

He started the Black Mafia Family in 1989 and sent cocaine all over the US. They made many friends, especially with drug gangs in Mexico and the people who sold drugs to them in Los Angeles. Atlanta and Los Angeles are the two main places where the BMF is located. Big Meech was in charge of only the Atlanta center, while his brother was in charge of the other one.

The record company that Big Meech started and owned is called Black Family Mafia Entertainment. It was better known as BMF Entertainment in the early 2000s. He worked with up-and-coming artists like Bleu Davinci and Jeezy (who used to go by name Young Jeezy). He also worked with more well-known rappers, such as P. Diddy, T.I., and Fabolous.

What Is Big Meech’s Net Worth In 2024?

Demetrius Flenory, who is also known as “Big Meech,” is thought to be worth around $100 million. The American Meech sells drugs, runs a business, and starts his own company. He becomes well-known because he is part of the Black Mafia Family (BMF), a group that launders money and traffics drugs.

By 2024, he’ll be making at least $2 million a year. He gets most of his money from doing illegal things, like selling drugs and entertainment artists’ records. When he and his brother were arrested in 2005, the police and investigation team took $21 million worth of cash, jewelry, cars, and more than ten homes.

During its peak growth, his drug crime organization, called “Black Magic Family,” made nearly $270 million. Around 500 people work for the company. All of the cities in the United States got cocaine from his group.

Full Name Big Meech
Big Meech Net Worth $100 Million
Big Meech Age 55
Big Meech Country United States
Big Meech Born July 21, 1968
Big Meech Salary $2 Million (Approx)
Big Meech Social media Instagram

Big Meech’s Personal Life Details 

Many people thought of Big Meech as the stereotypical rap “player” because he was always seen with a lot of women. He has been in several relationships but has never been officially married. He did have a son with Latarra Eutsey, though. His name is Demetrius “Lil Meech” Flenory Jr. Demetrius Jr. was born on April 22, 2000, and his father went to jail in 2008. He did not spend his early years with his father, but they did talk on the phone.

big meech
big meech

Demetrius has become a famous rapper and wants to be an actor too. He even played his own father in the 2021 crime TV show BMF.


Based on his leadership of BMF and his participation in illegal activities, Big Meech’s net worth is a complicated mix of money and crime. His story shows how tempting and dangerous it can be to get power and money by breaking the law. It has left a long impression on both the criminal underworld and the public’s imagination.


What is Big Meech’s net worth?

Demetrius Flenory popularly known as Big Meech’s net worth is estimated to be around $100 million.

What does Meech do for a living?

Meech is an American drug dealer, entrepreneur, and businessman.

What is Big Meech’s annual income?

As of 2024, his annual income is $2 million and more. The primary source of his income comes from his illegal businesses such as trafficking drugs. His drug mafia business called “Black Magic Family” made around $270 million at the peak of its growth.

How old is Big Meech?

Demetrius Flenory (Big Meech) was born on 21st July 1968 and is currently 55 years old.

How rich was Big Meech?

Big Meech was once considered one of the richest drug traffickers. At his peak, he has generated an estimated $270 million in illicit profits. At the peak of his personal wealth, Big Meech reportedly had a net worth of around $100 million, adjusted for inflation in 2024.

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