Why Is Jordan Page Getting Divorced? The Untold Story

The American Psychological Association says that 40 to 50 percent of first marriages end in divorce. It’s a shame, but not a surprise.

Jordan Page is a well-known Mormon activist and the founder of the Page Company. On March 24, 2024, she and her husband Bubba Page announced their separation on Instagram and Facebook the next day.

As you may have seen, things are going to be a little different for our family as of today because Bubba and I are ending our marriage. The couple posted this on both of their Instagram accounts, @jordanpage and @bubbapage. Divorce is never a good thing, but in the Page home, we do things differently.

When Did Jordan Page Get Married?

Jordan Page, a popular Mormon influencer and founder of the Page Company, has announced his separation from her wife, Bubba Page, after 17 years of marriage. The couple has eight children together and has been open about their decision to “discontinue” their marriage, citing a desire to maintain a close-knit family and be the best co-parents possible for their children.

jordan page's wife and childrens
jordan page’s wife and children

Why did Jordan Page Get Divorced?

The parents of eight say that most people won’t know why the couple, who got married in 2007, is ending their marriage.

In their post, they say, “While we appreciate all of your love and concern, we will not be discussing this issue. We will also not be discussing our relationship, marriage, or divorce.” “Thanks ahead of time for not asking.”

Court records that Distractify obtained show that Jordan asked for a divorce from Brandt (that’s his official name, not Bubba) on March 12, 2024, two weeks before the divorce was made public.

They got married in Utah, so if Jordan and Bubba choose to keep their divorce records secret, they will stay secret. Since April 2012, it has been the law in Utah.

While The Influencers’ Divorce Is Private, Their Followers Are Interested In Additional Information

Jordan, also known as the “Fun Cheap or Free Queen,” is not a marriage expert in the traditional sense; rather, her followers are primarily drawn to her budgeting advice. However, her identity is rooted in her role as a mother of a large family. It is even mentioned in their divorce announcement: “You will continue to observe us in each other’s content from time to time, as we are a close-knit family of 10 and our primary objective is to be the best co-parents possible for our children.”

Some individuals who have become admirers of Jordan believe that they are entitled to know the true events that transpired. The initial comment on Jordan’s Instagram account is, “I am shocked.” I understand that you wish to maintain the confidentiality of this matter. However, your lives have been so public, including your marriage, that you were once planning to promote a marriage training camp.

jordan page's wife
jordan page’s wife

The majority of individuals in Bubba’s comments echo the sentiment of @deedollslittles, who states, “I sense that this isn’t something YOU wanted.” However, they are not requesting additional information. Therefore, if that is the case, I am sending healing energy to your heart. I am also considering your children, but please be assured that you are a present father and will continue to attend to their requirements as you have in the past.

The Reddit page contains a greater amount of vitriol regarding their discontinuation, even though the majority of commenters are relatively supportive. However, Redditor AlfurFan does bring up what may be the most significant lesson to be learned from this highly public divorce announcement: “I value their comments regarding the children.” There should be no discussion of adult issues with minors, particularly among strangers from the internet.

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