Average Settlement for Car Accident Back and Neck Injury

Neck and back injuries happen all too often in car crashes. Spine injuries and injuries to the muscles and nerves around them can be expensive, hard to treat, and last a long time. This makes it even more important to make sure you get a good amount of money for these kinds of injuries. Read this article to learn about the typical 2024 car accident payouts for back and neck injuries.

Common Signs of Whiplash in the Back and Neck

A lot of these signs will show up right away after the accident. Getting checked out by a doctor is always a good idea, whether after the fact or at the scene of the accident. Take extra care because even a little pain could mean you’ve hurt yourself.

If someone didn’t check you out at the scene of the crime, you should see your doctor as soon as you think something might be wrong. Getting an answer quickly can help things go better.
If you have hurt your neck or back, here are some signs and symptoms:

  • Numbness or tingling (doesn’t necessarily have to be in your back; back injuries can cause these sensations elsewhere as well.
  • Pain in your neck or back.
  • Migraines or other headaches.
  • Vertigo or dizziness.
  • A grinding or clicking noise in your neck or back when you move.
  • Bumps, redness, or bruises.
  • Loss of range of motion (such as being unable to turn your neck).
  • Muscle cramps, weakness, or spasms.

Neck and Back Injury Damages

When most people think about getting paid for an accident, they mostly think about having their medical bills paid for. But you should also think about the other costs that come with your illness. In a car accident case, some of the costs that could be looked at are:

Costs of medical care, both now and in the future.

Lost pay. This can cover both lost wages and wages that will be earned in the future. Because of the accident, you may have to take a job that pays less. The court may take this into account and award you damages to cover the loss of your possible wage capacity.

neck injury
neck injury

How much it costs for long-term care or therapy? The cost could be taken into account if you need a nurse to come to your home or specialty housing.

It hurts and hurts. Each state has its own rules about what kinds of pain and suffering can be claimed and how much can be claimed. A lawyer who is licensed to work in your state will be able to tell you more about the details in your area.

Damages meant to hurt. Punitive damages are given to punish the person who hurt someone, not just to pay them back. This is different in each place, just like pain and suffering. In car accident cases, punitive fines don’t happen very often.

Figuring Out How Bad Your Back and Neck Injury Is

Most likely, you’ll know at the scene of the crash if you’ve damaged your spinal column badly. If the spinal cord is cut, you won’t be able to move the part of your body below the cut. As soon as this happens, medical staff on-site will check you out and then take you to the hospital.

If you think you might have been hurt this badly, don’t try to move yourself or let anyone else move you unless it’s necessary for your safety, like if you’re in danger from other cars.

A lot of neck and back problems won’t be obvious at first. While you’re still at the accident scene, you may know that your neck hurts but not why or how bad it is. To this end, you must see a doctor as soon as possible. It’s still a good idea to have a test, even if a few days have passed.

Never lose any of the information your doctor gives you, and always keep the receipts. In the future, these could be very helpful.

What Is a Back and Neck Injury Case Worth?

This question doesn’t have an easy answer, which is a shame. The more an accident costs to treat and the more likely it is to change your life, the more money you might get for it.

A lot of people get whiplash after a car crash. The reason for this is that your head snaps back and forth when you get hit. A lot of whiplash cases can be handled for not too much money and get better in a few weeks. The damage to this kind of accident is mostly to soft tissue and tendons, so it might not get more than $10,000. If they need physical training, that amount could go up to two or three times that.

Damage to other tissues and muscles may be worth between $10,000 and $100,000. At the higher end of this range are the ones that require more medical care or make it harder to live your life the way you did before the accident.

People with catastrophic injuries, like damage to the spinal cord or vertebrae, could get a payment of a few hundred thousand dollars or even a few million dollars. As we already said, this could include paying for medical bills (including bills that are expected to come up in the future), pain and suffering, and lost wages. Because a spinal injury could make it impossible for someone to ever work again, these payments could be very big.

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How to Prove That You Hurt Your Neck and Back

The best way to show that you hurt your neck and back is to get medical help right away and keep all of your appointments with your doctor. Don’t automatically say that medical help at the accident scene isn’t needed. Allow any on-site medical workers to check you out if you have anything that hurts, or even if you don’t.

After that, see your doctor again and let them know about any signs right away. If you don’t treat your back injury, it could lead to long-term problems, so be safe.

Picture tests, such as X-rays, CT scans, and MRIs, can also show a lot of back and neck problems.

How Much Is Pain and Suffering Worth When You Have a Neck or Back Injury?

Damages that aren’t related to money include pain and suffering. But a civil court can only give losses if it puts a price on them. Because of this, it’s hard to say how much you might get for pain and suffering. Several things need to be thought about. Some of these are:

  • How your state determines pain and suffering. Some states cap how much you can receive in non-economic damages, and some have stipulations on what counts as pain and suffering.
  • The extent to which you were injured.
  • Your long-term prognosis.
  • How much the jury or judge empathizes with you. This is the most difficult to predict because it depends so much on the situation and the people involved.
  • Whether you have a lawyer. Plaintiffs with lawyers are almost twice as likely to receive compensation, and their settlements were much larger. This holds even taking into account lawyer’s fees.

How much do most people get paid for injuries to their back and neck?

The average payout is hard to pin down because each case is unique and the level of harm greatly affects the amount of money given in damages.

back injury
back injury

It also matters what kind of mood you’re in. Because each state’s rules are so different, the average amount is likely to be higher in some states. This could be because their definition of pain and suffering is more broad.

Based on all of this, the average settlement number for a neck and back injury in the U.S. is likely to be between $100,000 and $500,000.

Dealing with a Settlement Offer That Is Too Low

You should always keep in mind that insurance companies and their agents are not your friends. They have different goals than you do, and you need to take action to make sure you get all the money you’re owed.

Just because this is the case doesn’t mean you should be mean to anyone from your insurance business. Be polite at all times, but don’t feel like you have to take the first deal that comes your way.

If you don’t have an injury lawyer and get a low-ball deal, it might be time to find one. It was already said that claimants who hire lawyers have a higher chance of getting bigger settlements. Your lawyer can help you figure out how much your losses are worth.
You can also talk to the insurance company through your agent. Personal injury cases don’t go to court very often. That’s because lawyers are usually very good at getting bigger deals without going to court. Your lawyer will be ready for a trial, though, if that’s what needs to happen.

Remember that you don’t have to accept the first offer, and a lawyer can often help you get a better deal.

What Should I Do Next?

If you hurt your neck or back in a car crash, you’re probably worried and stressed about what the future holds. The first thing you should do is call your doctor or get a medical check if you haven’t already. Once you have a diagnosis, it’s time to think about how to get the money you need for your injuries.

It will be much easier for you if you have a lawyer. They can help you understand the process. A lawyer can be hired at any point in the process, but it’s best to do it as soon as possible.

Some people know what to do in these cases and are ready to assist you. Don’t be afraid to get in touch.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I only receive enough to cover my medical bills, or will I be eligible for pain and suffering as well?

This varies from state to state. Consult a local attorney to find out what the laws say in your jurisdiction.

What if my accident happened months ago but I’m still suffering?

Contact an attorney as soon as possible. You only have a certain amount of time to act, so if you were injured in the past, time is of the essence.

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