In Memoriam: Deputy Bradley J. ‘Brad’ Reckling (1993-2024)

The deputy’s body will be present at the Apostolic Church of Auburn Hills from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., and the funeral will start right after.

Last weekend in Detroit, Reckling was shot and killed. He worked for the OCSO’s stolen car unit. Late Saturday night, he was behind a stolen SUV in Madison Heights, near Schoenherr and Park Grove streets on the east side of Detroit. All of a sudden, the car stopped, and people got out. When the attackers fired, they hit Reckling in the head and chest. There were two other cops nearby in their cars who were not hit.

Three people were arrested after a barrier was set up. Karim Blake Moore, 18, is one of them. He is charged with three counts of lying to a police officer during an investigation into a violent crime and one count of fighting arrest. The other people are being held on separate charges, but they haven’t been charged with murdering Reckling.

He had been a police officer for nine years and left behind a wife, three children, and a fourth child who was due soon.

bradley reckling family
bradley reckling family

His wife, Jacqueline Reckling, said, “I just wanted everyone to hear about Brad from the people who loved him the most.” “He was everything good and truly an exceptional human being.”

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All money given to Mission Oakland, a charity run by the sheriff’s office, will go to the Reckling family.

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