Jim Schlossnagle’s Divorce: Inside the Coach’s Personal Struggles

Coach Chris Del Conte of Texas got his man, and now the Texas A&M Aggies have to wait. Their hundred-year-old hatred of the Texas Longhorns was at 212 degrees when I last looked.

The level of lava is now reached.

The SEC will be the setting for this fight, and Jim Schlossnagle will be the No. 1 enemy the next time he walks onto the well-kept grounds of Blue Bell Park in College Station. The people who work at the post office on Houston St. have been told to put a beautiful full-color picture of the Aggies’ old coach on the wall right inside the front door.

The Aggies missed a chance to party like it’s 1939, which is the last time A&M won a big team championship in men’s sports. Minutes later, Schloss got angry at a reporter Monday night for bringing up the “burnt orange” elephant in the room.

A Texas Tribune reporter asked him about the UT job after the Aggies lost 6–5 to Tennessee in the College World Series title game. He told the reporter that he was being selfish.

“I gave up a big part of my life to come take this job, and I’ve poured every ounce of my soul in this job,” Schlossnagle said, presumably referring to his divorce from ex-wife Kami after 23 years. “I’ve given this job every single ounce I can possibly give it. So write that.”

After that, he got up and left. I thought Texas went from being a “maybe” to a “possibly” at that moment.

This time it’s a “definitely.”

jim schlossnagle and kami
jim schlossnagle and kami

With all those cameras running at the time, Schlossnagle had the chance to put an end to any rumors. That was telling: he didn’t. Then, in less than 20 hours, he did a Roy Williams. Do you remember when the famous Kansas basketball teacher was asked about North Carolina’s opening for a head coach right after their 81–78 loss to Carmelo Anthony and Syracuse in the championship game in 2003?

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Williams told the press, “Right now I don’t care about North Carolina.” “I love the 13 kids in that locker room.” After seven days, he was revealed in Chapel Hill. Texas will welcome Schlossnagle on Wednesday.

Hey, what the heart (and the wallet) wants is more important than loyalty. He was a great coach at Texas A&M and did great things there, but a better job came up. He’s a big step up from David Pierce, who was a good coach.

Del Conte is a real savage, and I mean that in the nicest way possible. He is the baseball manager that Texas wanted. Do not be fooled by the nice clothes and “aw shucks” mood. If hiring what might be the best baseball coach in the country isn’t proof that he’s the most powerful AD in the world, then you aren’t paying attention.

Here are some FAQs about Jim Schloss Nagle’s divorce:

When did Jim Schlossnagle divorce his wife Kami?

Jim Schlossnagle divorced his wife Kami in 2024 after 23 years of marriage.

What was the context around Schlossnagle’s divorce?

The search results indicate that Schlossnagle mentioned his divorce from Kami in the context of his intense commitment to his coaching career at Texas A&M, shortly before leaving to take the head coaching job at the University of Texas.

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