Exploring Tyson Bagent Girlfriend: Maggie Litzinger’s Background and Relationship

In the world of sports, Tyson Bagent’s rise as a football quarterback for the Chicago Bears has captured headlines.

But behind his success lies a significant part of his life – his girlfriend, Maggie Litzinger. Let’s delve into Maggie’s background and the details of their relationship in this insightful journey.

Meet Maggie Litzinger: Tyson Bagent Girlfriend

Maggie Litzinger, a dedicated ER nurse from Hagerstown, Maryland, stands as Tyson Bagent’s pillar of support. The couple’s story began during their college years when they crossed paths and built a strong bond.


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Maggie, known for her independence and unwavering support, enthusiastically cheers on Tyson’s endeavors on and off the field.

Interestingly, the bond between Maggie and Tyson reflects the strength of relationships amidst the spotlight of fame, much like Lane Kiffin’s girlfriend and Mike Majlak’s new girlfriend, who also stand by their partners through thick and thin.

Tyson Bagent: A Rising Football Star with a Fascinating Personal History

While Tyson Bagent shines as a football quarterback, his journey to success is enriched by his unique personal background.

Born to Travis, a world arm-wrestling champion, and Casey, a sports marketing degree holder, Tyson’s athletic prowess runs in the family. His accolades in high school basketball and subsequent achievements at Shepheard University highlight his dedication and skill.

Maggie Litzinger: Background and Professional Journey

Originally from Baltimore, Maryland, Maggie pursued her education and career in nursing. Despite starting with a nursing degree at South Carolina University, family reasons led her back to West Virginia University, where she studied public relations, communications, and health relations.

tyson bagent girlfriend
tyson bagent girlfriend

Maggie’s passion for medicine drives her career as an ER nurse at MUSC, where she has made significant strides since 2017.

Insights into Tyson and Maggie’s Relationship

The love story between Tyson and Maggie likely began during their college days, although specifics remain undisclosed. Through Tyson’s active Instagram presence, glimpses into their relationship emerge, with Maggie sharing their journey through heartfelt posts and photos.

Their enduring bond is evident, with Maggie’s unwavering support evident in her attendance at Tyson’s Bears games and their shared moments captured on social media.


As Tyson Bagent continues to make waves in the football world, Maggie Litzinger remains a constant source of strength and support by his side. Their relationship, forged through mutual respect and admiration, exemplifies the power of love amidst the demands of professional sports.

Together, Tyson and Maggie navigate life’s challenges with grace, proving that true companionship knows no bounds.

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