Monty Williams Wife: Lisa Keeth, a Strong Support System

Monty Williams has been a great coach in the NBA for more than 15 years, leading the New Orleans Hornets/Pelicans, the Phoenix Suns, and the Detroit Pistons.

Williams was the head coach of the New Orleans Hornets/Pelicans from 2010 to 2015. During that time, the team went 173-221 in the regular season and made the playoffs twice. After that, he worked as an assistant coach for the Oklahoma City Thunder and the Philadelphia 76ers. In 2019, he took over as the Phoenix Suns’ much-wanted boss.

The Suns did very well under Williams’s direction. In 2021–22, they broke a club record with 64 wins, which earned Williams the NBA Coach of the Year award. He led the Suns to the NBA Finals in 2021, which was his first time in the Finals as a head coach. He agreed to lead the Detroit Pistons for six years and $78.5 million after leaving the Phoenix Suns in 2023.

Mountain Williams is a well-respected teacher, and his marriage to Lisa Keeth makes him an even better husband. We’ll talk more about his life with his wife in the next few lines.

Who is Monty Williams’ Wife, Lisa Keeth?

He got married to Lisa Keeth, who was born on May 18, 1980, in Oakland, California. Monty Williams used to be the head coach of the Detroit Pistons. She went to Thomas C. Clark High School and Angelo State University to get her bachelor’s degree in business administration.

monty williams
monty williams

Her volleyball skills made her stand out in college, and in her last year, she was named Holland Sportswoman of the Year.

When did Monty Williams and Lisa get married?

Monty Williams met Lisa Keeth at Spurs Sports & Entertainment. Keeth was born in Oakland, California, in May 1980 and is now 41 years old. She was born in England and is now an American citizen.

Monty Williams married his second wife, Lisa Keeth, in 2017. This was a year after the tragic death of his first wife, Ingrid Williams, in a car accident.

Janell Williams, Lael Williams, Elijah Williams, Micah Williams, and Faith Williams are the five kids that Monty Williams and Lisa Keeth have raised together. After the sad death of Ingrid in 2016, Lisa took care of Monty’s five kids like a mother.

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The fight that Lisa Keeth had with breast cancer

Lisa Keeth-Wiliams was told she had breast cancer while the Phoenix Suns were in the playoffs in 2023. Monty Williams has talked a lot about how important early screening tests are, saying that genetic testing and scans that found Lisa’s cancer early may have saved her life.

Lisa Keeth
Lisa Keeth

Because the Detroit Pistons cared about the couple, they backed Monty’s deal with health benefits for Lisa.

What did Williams say about the death of Ingrid?

Because Williams was still upset about Ingrid’s death, he wrote a eulogy about her life.

“During times like this, it’s easy to forget that because what we’ve been through is pretty tough and we want an answer,” the NBA boss said.

That answer doesn’t always come when we want it, but we can’t forget that God loves us. That’s what my wife and I show every day, no matter how badly we do it. God does love us, though.”It doesn’t matter what you’re going through.” It’s tough for my family, but things will work out. Also, my wife would hit me if I sat here and complained about what was going on.

“That makes the pain go away.” But everything will work out because God makes things work out. You can’t give up. “You must not give up.”

Williams also said that people who were praying for his family should also pray for Donaldson’s family because she was hurt in the crash.

Williams said, “It’s good that everyone is praying for me and my family.” Let’s not forget, though, that there were two people there. Also, pray for that family.

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