Allison Parliament Dies. Who Started The “Ducking” Program For Jeeps

Allison Parliament started the famous Jeep ducking craze and died suddenly on June 22nd. On June 25, her mother wrote on Facebook that she had died. It wasn’t said how old Parliament was when she died, but a story in The Detroit News on September 13, 2022, said she was 34 years old at the time.

People often call it “ducking,” and it all began as a kind deed. Parliament is said to have had a physical and verbal interaction with someone in 2020, during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, that left her shaken. Then she decided to do something nice for no reason, so The Detroit News says she bought a little yellow rubber duck, wrote “Nice Jeep” on it, and put it on a Jeep that looked a lot like hers.

“The owner was this burly, scary-looking, 6-foot-5 guy, asking, ‘What are you doing?'” The government told the News. “He did smile, though.” He liked it a lot. He said, “This is the best idea ever, and the world needs more of it.”

allison parliament
allison parliament

Putting a small, harmless toy duck on a Jeep quickly became a huge trend. If you know anything about Jeep fans, you know that they are a close-knit group. Tweets and posts with pictures and stories about ducking started to go around. After Parliament, DuckDuckJeep was created as an online community where people could share their stories of ducking. Their website says that Jeeps have been ducked all over the world, including in China, Australia, India, and many other places.

The Official Ducking Jeep Facebook page was created in July 2020 and has more than 79,000 users right now. In the first rule on that page, Parliament said, “We were made to spread kindness, so please be kind.”

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The movement reached its height of popularity in 2022 when the Detroit Auto Show promoted itself with the “world’s largest duck,” an inflatable rubber duckie that stood 61 feet tall and weighed over 8,000 pounds. The duck was put outside next to the Jeep lineup, with fans and passers-by invited to snap pictures.

Jeep fans have been sending condolences out on social media and are also looking for ways to honor Parliament and the Jeep ducking trend that she started. So if you happen to have a rubber duck ready and see a Jeep today, it’s a good day to make that Jeep’s owner smile.

Here are some FAQs about the death of Allison Parliament:

What happened to Allison Parliament?

Allison Parliament, the founder of the “Duck Duck Jeep” movement, passed away suddenly on June 23, 2024, due to injuries sustained. The exact cause of her death has not been confirmed.

Who was Allison Parliament?

Allison Parliament was a 36-year-old woman from Orillia, Ontario, Canada. She was the visionary behind the popular “Duck Duck Jeep” initiative that brought Jeep owners together through the simple act of placing rubber ducks on each other’s vehicles.

What was the “Duck Duck Jeep” movement?

The “Duck Duck Jeep” movement started in 2020 when Parliament had a negative encounter at a gas station. In response, she began placing rubber ducks on Jeeps she saw, as a gesture of kindness. This simple act quickly went viral, creating a global community of Jeep enthusiasts connected through the “ducking” tradition.

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