Did Chris Tucker Really Passed Away? Is It Rumour Or Not?

Chris Tucker is still alive and well, even though friends were shocked by false reports that he had died. Several people on social media said that the Rush Hour star had been shot and couldn’t get to the hospital. This was the latest death hoax.

After a video on YouTube became popular saying that he died from being shot, many rumors spread online. There was a message that said, “10 Minutes Ago / Died On The Way To The Hospital / Goodbye Comedian Chris Tucker.” This made things worse.

The almost ten-minute movie paid tribute to the comedian’s family while talking about his life. A lot of people on Twitter, Facebook, and other social networks quickly shared the video without checking to see if it was safe to do so.

chris tucker
chris tucker

According to HITC, Chris is still living well in 2022 and was only the victim of a fake death. The news site revealed that Celeb TV, which said the 51-year-old had died, was writing a lot of fake stories about celebrities dying.

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In addition to Chris Tucker, Kanye West, Kevin Hart, Lionel Richie, Oprah Winfrey, and other famous people also fell for death scams.

Here are some FAQs

How did Chris Tucker respond to the death hoax?

While Tucker has not directly addressed the death hoax, he has continued posting on his social media accounts and is still actively working on projects, proving he is alive. He joked about the hoax in a TikTok video.

Is Chris Tucker working on any new projects?

Yes, the 51-year-old comedian is currently working on several projects, including a Netflix comedy special, a biopic of Sammy Davis Jr., and a possible Rush Hour 4 film. His active work schedule confirms he is alive.

What is the status of the death hoax now?

The death hoax has been thoroughly debunked, as Tucker is alive and well. No major media outlets have reported his death, as they would be among the first to break such news about a celebrity. The hoax appears to have been an unfounded internet rumor.

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