Injury Update On Molly Davis: What We Know So Far

Molly Davis, the Iowa women’s basketball guard, has been unable to participate in the postseason due to an injury she sustained during the Hawkeyes’ final regular-season contest against Ohio State.

Despite the initial optimism of Davis and head coach Lisa Bluder regarding her return to the NCAA Tournament, the fifth-year guard has not yet been authorized to compete.

Davis is depicted in a knee brace while shooting around in a social-media post by KCRG’s Chelsie Brown from Thursday’s team practice before Iowa’s Final Four matchup with UConn. However, the images that were encouraging were immediately followed by a conversation between Davis and Bluder, during which Davis appeared to be emotional and disturbed.

Bluder was once again pessimistic, although Davis has not been officially disqualified for either the national semifinal on Friday or the national championship on Sunday, should Iowa advance.

Bluder stated on Tuesday, “I merely hope that she can participate in a game once more.” “I don’t know how effective she’s going to be, but I just want her to have the right to be in an NCAA Tournament game for her fifth and final year.”

molly davis
molly davis

Davis has started 27 of the 30 games in which she has participated this season and has averaged 6.1 points and 3.1 assists on a shooting split of 53.9/40.7/85.7.

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Although Davis’ return would provide the Hawkeyes with an additional ball-handler, which would alleviate some of the burden on Caitlin Clark, the deep run of Iowa has been significantly influenced by the inclusion of forward Sydney Affolter to the starting lineup.

In Davis’ absence, Affolter is averaging 13.4 points and 7.3 rebounds in seven postseason games.


What injury did Molly Davis suffer?

Molly Davis suffered a knee injury during the final regular season game against Ohio State. She tore her medial patellofemoral ligament (MPFL), a soft tissue ligament that connects the kneecap to the thigh bone.

When did the injury occur?

The injury occurred on March 3, 2024, during the game against Ohio State. Davis had to be carried off the court after the non-contact injury.

Was Molly Davis able to return for the postseason?

No, Molly Davis was not able to return for the postseason. The search results indicate that while head coach Lisa Bluder originally thought Davis would return at some point, she never got healthy enough for the coaching staff to feel comfortable playing her.

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